Fruits and Vegetables You Can Skip In The Organic Aisle

Are you trying to save money at the grocery store but don’t want to sabotage organic health benefits? This article is for you! Often an organically-grown banana or  apple can be more expensive than a conventional banana or apple but is it necessary to purchase the organic variety of every fruit and vegetable? No! Some conventional fruits and vegetables aren’t sprayed as heavily with pesticides, while others don’t even absorb pesticides into the fruit to begin with. You can save big bucks in the organic aisle if you just do your research.

Find out which fruits and vegetables you can skip in the organic aisle here: Money Saving Grocery Tips: What You Should and Shouldn’t Buy Organic

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  • Gloria

    I love it :)

  • Dr. Oliver Moore

    Of course, thick skinned and all as the workers in the fields are, I’d still say that the pesticide spray drift drifts over them – whatever the crop.

    20,000 farm labourers die from pesticide poisonings each year according the the WHO; hundreds of thousands of others also die from pesticide poisonings, and experts think the figures are an understatement due to underreporting.

    For more, click on pesticides label on my blog:

  • Sara

    This is a great article. One thing to remember though is that even though citrus fruits are thick skinned, if you are going to be zesting them, then you should probably be buying organic.

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