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When Chew on That was approached by with the opportunity to test out kitchen gadgets, we were all game. We have a weakness for kitchen tools made for very specific purposes and there’s no kitchen gadget we wouldn’t love to try. We even asked our Monthly Mouthful food bloggers about their favorite kitchen gadgets in hopes we’d find new ones. But in the meantime, our new kitchen gadgets from have satisfied our craving so check out our reviews of each gadget after the jump.

Herb Scissors


There are many kitchen gadgets out there that I never in a million years would think I’d need. Prior to this review, herb scissors would have been one of them. But now that I’ve used the herb scissors from, there’s no turning back. I need them and I honestly don’t think about cooking the same way. This four-layered pair of scissors eliminates the need for a knife and cutting board and allows you to chop your herbs right into your food. With one stroke of the hand you can instantly add perfectly-sized strips of herbs to pasta sauces, poultry, beef, fish and more.

So far, I’ve used my herb scissors to add basil to my pasta sauce and to add dill to my cucumber salad. These quick additions of herbs not only add much sought after flavor to my food  but the herb scissors make it so easy! Like I said, I never thought I’d need herb scissors but now I can’t live without them!

To purchase these herb scissors, click here.

What should I make with my new herb scissors? Here are some suggestions:
Pasta Salad with Tomato and Basil
Tortellini with Salmon and Dill
Cilantro Salad Dressing

Apple Slicer/Corer


An apple slicer is the kind of thing you tell yourself you can live without; that it’s not an “essential kitchen tool” like a knife or a spoon. Well, that’s the kind of thing I’ve told myself when I walk longingly by the kitchen gadgets section of the store. But after reviewing the Apple Slicer and Corer from, let’s make one thing clear here: everyone should have an apple slicer. I love this particular one because of its heavy-duty quality that slices through apples with the greatest of ease. Apple pieces come out evenly sized and it wastes very little shaving down to the core. This apple slicer goes beyond Useful Things. I may even say it’s a necessity.

To purchase this apple slicer and corer, click here.

What should I make with my new apple slicer? Here are some suggestions:
Crumble Top Apple Pie

Apple Cobbler
Sweet Potato Apple Bake

Citrus Peeler and Kiwi Scoop


This cute little set of matching kitchen gadgets adds fun, color and practicality to your kitchen. Instantly scoop kiwis from their furry skin, or use this citrus peeler to easily start the peeling process. These two gadgets come together and they conserve space by folding up into their colorful plastic shells. (see picture at right). Now, let’s demonstrate.


It’s not always easy to dig into the thick skin of an orange or a grapefruit with your finger, especially if you don’t have long nails. I usually stick my thumb into the middle of the fruit and try to peel outward from there, but that can mean juicy thumbs and difficult peeling. That’s why I’m grateful for this citrus peeler from It’s essentially a scorer and all you have to do is score along one edge of your fruit and then peeling becomes easy and mess free!

I will not go without saying that if I hadn’t been given the opportunity to try out this citrus peeler, I never would have purchased it myself. My fingers do a fine job peeling and I can always wash my hands afterward. But, if messy fingers and longer peeling time are things that bug you, you may want to consider getting a citrus peeler!

To purchase the citrus peeler and kiwi scoop set, click here.

What should I make with my new citrus peeler? Here are some suggestions:
Avocado Orange Salad
Grapefruit Pumpkin Bread
Citrus Healthy Salad


This kiwi scoop reignited me and my love of kiwis. I’m so glad I got the chance to try this tool out because it made eating kiwi a joy. This concave spoon with a serrated edge makes for easy one-step kiwi scooping. No one wants to eat out of that furry skin and now you don’t have to! You can make kiwi slices more easily by scooping out each half and slicing, skin-free! I’m sure I’m the only girl on my block with a kiwi scoop but I tuck mine away in my kitchen gadget drawer with pride and a promise of more kiwi eating to come.

To purchase the kiwi scoop and citrus peeler set, click here.

What should I make with my new kiwi scoop? Here are some suggestions:
Strawberry Kiwi Milkshakes
Seafood Saute with Kiwis
Kiwi Relish

Thank you to for the opportunity to try out these great kitchen gadgets. Their site has tons of fun things from herb garden kits  to tea bag holders, so I highly recommend you check them out for yourselves!

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  • Jessie

    great gadgets!

  • Sara

    I have the apple corer/slicer, but I never think to use it :)

  • Melissa

    The herb scissors I would use, definitely. Good article, Hillary, glad you got to test these.

  • Free Macbook

    Dang, I just ate an orange and spent 5 minutes trying to get the skin off. I wish I had that citrus peeler 10 minutes ago! :)

  • leather loveseat sofa

    so you not susposed to eat the skin of the kiwi, crap, i always do lol

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    I like cooking and like working in kitchen,you blog is good ,I hope it will bring huge earning.

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    I love what you have found here I thought I was lost at the local ikeee you know what store locally!

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    So so like the citrus peeler as I always make a mess doing this job.

  • Flex Steel Recliners

    Nice gadgets, I really like the line made by Zyliss, imported from Europe.

  • Pete Morris

    definitely getting me an apple corer! such a cool little kitchen gadget! i used to love eating sliced apple when i was a kid, but my mom used to do it with a nice and I just don’t have the skill!

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    amazing gadgets.

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    outstanding post :D

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