Food In The News: “Electric” Food, Lobster and Organics

Salt is the new culprit – Health trends dictate a lot of consumer behavior when it comes to products in grocery stores. First it was an obsession with no transfats, now it’s going to be no salt.

“Electric” Food - Chefs introduce an ingredient to menus that creates an electric sensation in the mouth – they’re called Szechuan buttons.

Cheaper lobster – Lobster resurfaces as a popular menu item as prices drop.

Judging veggies by their names – “Never judge a book by its cover…” but so many kids judge a vegetable or fruit just by the sound of its name.

Does organic really mean safer? - Just because we all understand that organic food was grown without the use of pesticides does not mean that all organic foods are safer than their conventional counterparts.

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  • zerrin

    Thank you for these articles. They make you realize things that you may not consider before.

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