Food In The News: Pasta, An Apple and HFCS

Pasta experiment - New York Times writer attempts to save water and energy by boiling pasta with less water than the 4-6 quarts advised.

Interview with the ‘Orangette – sits down with Molly Wizenberg, writer of the new book: A Homemade Life.

Doing something about HFCS – Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Snapple remove high fructose corn syrup from their formulas to respond to concerns over the ingredient.

An apple’s 200th birthday – The Bramley variety of apple turns 200 this year and is still being used in many apple recipes throughout the world.

Splitting Soars – Restauranteurs have noticed a surge in their customers splitting entrees or appetizers with their dining companions to save money.

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    ..waht's with the sofdrinks? Whaty's wrong with corn syrup?

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