Top Chicago Pizza Pick: Lou Malnati’s


The Chicago Tribune asked readers where their favorite Chicago style pizza was from and as of Friday, February 20, 2009, Lou Malnati’s came out on top with 31.5% of the votes. See the live poll results here.

I completely agree that Lou’s puts out the best combination of flaky buttery crust, tasty tomatoes and the perfect amount of cheese. Watch our video on how they make it here!

While our video at Lou Malnati’s shows each step of putting the pizza together, they don’t exactly reveal their award-winning recipe. So, if it’s homemade pizza you seek, here are our favorite Chicago pizza recipes:

Step by Step: Homemade Chicago Pizza
Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza


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  • Ivonne

    I see I’m going to have to come to Chicago to try all of these!

  • Melissa

    No doubt…Lou Malnati’s is by far the best. I think that Uno and Due are like lasagna on top of cornbread…which is good if you are in the mood for it, I suppose. But deep dish pizza…no doubt, Lou Malnati’s. Although, still the best Chicago style deep dish pizza I have had was not in Chicago. Zachary’s in Berkeley, CA has really got it down. Crazy I know, but it is damn good deep dish pizza.

  • Alison

    WHA?? Giordano’s isn’t on the list? How is that possible? I am shocked – and I totally would vote for Giordano’s, with Lou Malnoti’s in second.

  • vicpete

    had a cheese pepperoni at lou malnatis what a piece of garbage! th sauce was made from the worst tomatoes you can find bitter and lacking flavor, later went to uno and it was the same bad tasting pizza. whats wrong with these guys, dont they relize how bad their pizzas are?

  • Bagi

    Haha vicpete all of these people agree they had good experience in lou malnati’s and uno’s and yet you’re the only one complaining. I thing the saying here is “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you realize how bad your taste for food is?”

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