World Nutella Day!


Thanks to Sara of Ms. Adventures in Italy and Michelle from Bleeding Espresso, today is World Nutella Day! Celebrate with some Chocolate Nutella Ravioli or some Stuffed Nutella French Toast!

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  • Elisabeth

    World Nutella Day? What a travesty of the meaning of a special day! High in fat and sugar, Nutella is a classic junk food marketed (with zillions) to seem healthy. I am shocked!

    Pass the smelling salts, says the real food lover…

  • Bellini Valli

    Happy Nutella Day!!!!!

  • megan (brooklyn farmhouse)

    oh no! i missed it! I am dreaming of nutella-stuffed crepes, though….

  • Nutella Lover

    Oh Elisabeth…yoouuu bitch.

  • Elisabeth

    Dear Nutella Lover

    Oh dear, how abusive.

    Studies in prisons show diets high in sugar tend to lead to aggressive behaviour.

    Is there a link?

  • phil

    Why are Nutella lovers abusive?

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