Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Sending home the busboys – Restaurants hurting from the economy are also making layoffs and the busboys are their first target.

Bacon “links” – 16,000 blogs and websites linked to a bacon sausage roll recipe, er…make that 16,001.

Get your “beer”ings – Chefs and experts give their take on what beer to enjoy with different cuisine.

Growing more truffles - Scientists may have found a way to increase product of truffles, a highly sought after mushroom generally used as an ingredient at expensive restaurants.

Preaching healthy lunches – Obama’s new chef discusses the importance of serving healthy food in school lunchrooms.

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  • Jillian@Moringa

    Thanks for the updates – I never would have known that there was a site for food news updates! I’ll have to keep checking back for current news! :)

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