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Aside from Texas BBQ, one of the more notable attractions in San Antonio is the Riverwalk. Many tourists like to stay on the Riverwalk (like us) so they’re close to all the restaurants and action. If the weather is right, it’s a pretty place to walk around, take a boat cruise and enjoy a relaxing delicious meal by the water.

So in my quest for San Antonio restaurant recommendations, many of you recommended Boudro’s, a Texas Bistro on the Riverwalk. It was definitely one of our considerations but the deal wasn’t quite sealed until the boat cruise tourguide recommended it as well. He said he’s never had a better meal than the ones he has had at Boudro”s and that the prices were very reasonable, considering.

So after a relaxing boat cruise, we headed on over to Boudro’s. (On a sidenote: did you know that the San Antonio River is both natural and man-made? Maybe that will come in handy in a random facts trivia game).

But on to Boudro’s. First, let’s talk about the guacamole. Mexican cuisine definitely plays a part in this Texan bistro and they’re definitely famous for their “guacamole for two” salad that they make fresh AT your table like so:


They use fresh avocadoes, fresh orange, and fresh limes. We were told some people just come and order like 8 orders of guacamole, no joke. It actually  was pretty darn addicting, but we stopped at one – we knew we had to save room for the rest of our meal. For those of you who want to try their famous guacamole, they do give the recipe on their website. But you have to sign up, so here it is too:

Boudro’s Famous Guacamole


Juice of 1/4 of an orange
Juice of 1/2 a lime
1 avocado seeded and scooped out of skin
2 Tbs roasted and charred Roma tomatoes diced
1 ea Serrano pepper roasted seeded and diced
1 Tbs medium dice red onions
1 tsp chopped cilantro
coarse ground salt to taste (sea salt is better)


Squeeze juices into bowl. Add avocado and coarsely chop. Add onions, roasted tomato, serrano and cilantro fold into avocado mixture. Add salt (more is better). Result should be crudely chopped not mashed. That’s it.
To accompany our delicious guacamole, we stayed with the Mexican theme (a must in San Antonio!) and ordered prickly pear margaritas.


It had been a long long time since I had a good margarita and this was definitely a good margarita. It was made from tequila, Triple Sec, lime juice and prickly cactus pear puree. I saw this prickly pear margarita on many other restaurants’ menus too so it must be a Texas or San Antonio thing. They were so good, not to mention colorful!

And now, for our appetizer (I know, we splurged, the guacamole probably could have been a sufficient appetizer). Hanging out in other cities always brings out the adventure in me which led David and I to both try quail for the first time. They actually had an amazing quail dish for an entree but we were set on trying steak and seafood so had to rule that out. Luckily there was this quail appetizer so we could get our fix.


It looked like a tiny baby chicken sitting on a plate topped with fried parsley and served with pepperjack grits and yucca chips. The whole thing just looked fragile and sad (not the preparation – the quail itself) and I almost felt bad for eating it. But it was too late to change my mind so I took a bite. It was interesting to say the least – to me it tasted like chicken with the texture of steak – a little chewy but tender and tasty.


For one of our main courses, we ordered their signature blackened prime rib. We were tempted by  many other steaks on their menu like the  papaya marinated flank angus steak to the Texas sirloin filet with fried jalapenos, plantains and chimichurri. But in the end, we wound up succumbing to their signature item. It was served with roasted potatoes and a vegetable medley which were both good but nothing special compared to many other side items we had seen on the menu. The steak itself was cooked perfectly and tasted good, but if I’m going to be honest I would say it was very very overseasoned.


Speaking of overseasoned, our other entree had the same issue. We were quite excited for our “Big Tails, Little Tails” dish described as “Pan-seared baby lobster tail and giant Gulf shrimp smothered with spicy crawfish tails; with lemon, avocado and roasted tomatoe risotto and grilled scallions.” It sounded like a great thing to try but in the end it was simply a lobster tail and some shrimp in a very salty sauce.

Overall, my favorite part of the meal was the guacamole and margaritas. I don’t know if my taste buds opened up with the margaritas as the meal went on but everything eventually just tasted overseasoned to me. But in spite of this, I  know that Boudro’s was  undoubtedly one of the best choices for a restaurant on the Riverwalk. Dining on the bank of the river made the whole experience worth it and it was still a very memorable meal.

To view a complete dinner menu from Boudro’s, click here.

Boudro’s Texan Bistro
314 E. Commerce
Suite 402
San Antonio, TX 78205

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  • http://cajunchefryan.rymocs.com/blog2/ Cajun Chef Ryan

    Perfect timing with this entry as I’ll be in San Antonio at the end of March and I had already made plans to make at least one trip to Boudro’s Restaurant.

    CCR =:~)

  • http://www.danatreat.blogspot.com Dana

    Now that looks like some delicious guacamole! I love that they roasted and charred the tomatoes. I’m going to try that next time. Thanks for visiting my site!

  • http://savory.tv Heidi / Savory Tv

    Great review and photos, I love the riverwalk scene! Hmm, oj in guacamole, I’ll have to try that!

  • http://mykentuckyhome-kim.blogspot.com/ Kim of Stirring the Pot

    I was so excited to see your post because I have been wanting to go to Riverwalk and San Antonio for years. It’s nice to see some pictures and info on it. One day I’ll convince my husband to take a vacation there. Until then it looks like Disneyworld.

  • http://www.thehungryengineer.com thehungryengineer (april)

    Ha! Boudros is one of our favorites on the Riverwalk as well. And yes, their margaritas are quite well made :-)

  • http://visitsanantonio.com/visitors/play/history-heritage/historic-hotels-and-restaurants/index.aspx Alyssa at SACVB

    Wow! That food looks amazing. I recently ate at the Little Rhein Steak House, which was described by our boat tour guide only as “Cha Ching.” It was great getting to sit out on the patio since we even got to catch a free show across the river at the Arneson River Theatre. There are tons of other great histoirc restaurants on the Riverwalk; Boudro’s is definitely one of my favorites.


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