Gummy Bear Chandeliers and Other Food-Made Housewares


Would you have been able to tell that the chandelier pictured above was made out of gummy bears if I didn’t tell you? It’s so pretty! Designer YaYa Chou has made numerous creations out of gummy bears but this chandelier definitely caught my eye. I’d like to go to the house of the person who installs this gummy bear chandelier in their house. [Photo courtesy of]

More food-made housewares after the jump!


Need a plate that adds flavor to your dish? Dean and Deluca sells plates  made out of Himalayan Pink Salt. They’re pretty AND tasty. Who would have thought? [Photo courtesy of]


The next item is this gummy bear “bear rug” also made by designer YaYa Chou. I think I’d prefer my rugs not look like animals but the fact that’s it made out of gummy bears is pretty cool! [Photo courtesy of]

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  • cakebrain

    That gummy bear chandelier is so cool…uh, actually, probably not really, eh? if all the lights start melting the gummies? :) If we had a Dean & Deluca here in Vancouver, I’d have one of those pink himalayan sea salt plates already!

  • Brooklyn Farmhouse

    I have to get my husband that gummy chandelier – it’s awesome. How does one break into the gummy art scene?

  • sandy

    Yes, won’t all af this melt? But it’s awesome!

  • Free Food


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    I think it wont last more than 2 weeks in my house. My children will eat it in no time !

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