Inauguration Party Recipes

Many of us have been anticipating the inauguration of Barack Obama. Today at noon, Barack Obama will become our 44th president and many Americans will either be attending or celebrating with gatherings at home. If you’re having people over to watch the inauguration coverage and need some recipe ideas, we’ve got some for you!

From Obama’s favorite thing to make (chili) to Hawaiian-inspired drinks in honor of his childhood, this menu consists of all things Obama and all things American:

What To Make For Your Inauguration Day Party

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  • Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella

    I really wish we had a day off for this (being in another country that isn’t likely at all) but I would have loved to get together with family and friends on this day!

  • How to Start a Business in California

    It was a historic day indeed with the inauguration of Barack Obama and now Obama will have to sit down and tackle the problems facing the United States of America. The economy, oil, jobs and two wars will all be Obama’s focal points during his historic first 90 days in office. The changing of the guard will hopefully equal an end to the crisis.

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