Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Raccoon: It’s what’s for dinner - In Kansas City, a butcher prepares a different kind of dark meat delicacy. No comment…

Meatless Mondays – Medical experts from Johns Hopkins launch a national campaign for eating vegetarian at least one night a week, for your health. Good thing our 7 Day Meal Planners already have Meatless Mondays!

Leftovers for…dessert? - You don’t just have to recycle leftover breads or grains into boring next day offerings, you can make them into sweet and tasty desserts!

The foodies were wrong – Speculations of Art Smith or Rick Bayless as the new White House Chef were proven incorrect when the Obamas announced Cristeta Comerford would be their main cook.

The Obama cobbler – In Barack Obama’s short-lived food critic career, he once praised a peach cobbler and now everyone wants a piece.

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