Blagojevich’s Bologna (Sandwich)

Even if you’re not from Illinois, we know you’ve heard of him: Rod Blagojevich, our hopefully-soon-to-be impeached governor. He’s headed up many sketchy dealings like taking money for naming the replacement Senator for Barack Obama, or withholding funds to Children’s Memorial hospital for being late with their donation to his campaign, among many other things. So naturally, we’re not too proud of our governor and we’re telling everyone about it through food

Kuma’s Corner, a Chicago restaurant and pub, is offering up a bologna sandwich in honor of the bologna Governor Blagojevich has been feeding us as of late. Made with two grilled cheese sandwiches and a giant stack of bologna, this sandwich is seriously full of it (pun intended).

I was first alerted to “the Blago Burger” by the Chicago Dining Examiner site, a great site to help you discover new restaurants in this great city.This bologna sandwich is nothing short of the Dirty Governor cocktail also created in his honor.

Additionally, Kuma’s Corner is chock full of sandwiches inspired by rock musicians like Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. No sandwich is boring, and the Blago Burger is no exception.

In other news, in searching for a bologna photo, I discovered that bologna can cause colorectal cancer (if consumed regularly) so don’t take this as a pitch to go eat a ton of bologna sandwiches.

Kuma’s Corner
2900 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618
Ph. 773.604.8769

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