January Monthly Mouthful

With every new year comes new year’s resolutions. Some people try and lose weight, while others try and become more organized. But in the foodie world, we have our own sets of resolutions. Like for instance, this year I’d like to make more foods from scratch (or at least attempt to).

So if you haven’t guessed by now, this month we asked our favorite foodies: “What is your Foodie New Year’s Resolution? What types of food do you hope to try, cook, or stay away from in the next year?”

Answers after the jump!

Ruth from Once Upon a Feast:

Given that we just got back from an eating binge in Toronto, that’s easy….stay away from desserts, bake healthy multigrain breads (and only once a week), get back on the South Beach Diet regime. Now let’s see how much of this we actually do.

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, prosperous 2009 with lots of good eating!

Amy from Eggs on Sunday:

In 2009, I vow to learn more about bread baking. I’ve dabbled in the past, but I want to immerse myself in Peter Reinhart’s “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice” and really perfect some of the techniques. I plan to make a lot more homemade pasta in the New Year, as well as maybe some other kinds of cheese besides ricotta. Oh, and as far as foods to try, I’ve been interested in curing some meat at home for awhile – maybe if I get the inspiration and feel particularly ambitious!

Jessie from Cakespy:

My goal is to explore, bake and taste some of the more unusual or obscure cakes out there. Topping my list (in no particular order) are the Salad Dressing Cake, Smith Island Cake, Brownstone Front Cake, and the Election cake.

Anne-Marie from This Mama Cooks:

My Foodie New Year’s Resolution is to have a more eco-friendly kitchen not only for my family’s sake but for the health of the planet. I received a NatureMill automatic indoor composter for Christmas, which will make composting kitchen scraps much easier. I also plan on using more organic products – everything from spices to produce – and less processed food in our diets. (My husband hunts, fishes and gardens, so we’re already on our way.) I will also be replacing some of the plastic items we use in the kitchen with products from Preserve (www.preserveproducts.com). This company makes American-made kitchenware that is BPA-free and made from 100% recycled #5 plastic.

Nicole from For the Love of Food:

I have never been one for resolutions. I live my life and when I resolve to do something, I do it – whether it’s the middle of the summer or the dead of winter. Last year was the first time I made a New Year’s resolution, and it was to travel to at least 3 new countries. I was able to accomplish this, but I feel that it’s an unrealistic goal for this year, and I am not pushing myself to continue it.

In October I also decided that I wanted to be as organized as I had been pre-motherhood and adopted a schedule which has turned my life around, made me a happier and more rested person and mother, as well as allowed me to get more accomplished both in the kitchen and the arts and crafts I am always dreaming up.

So, although I don’t have any set resolutions for next year, I do have some plans. Whether or not I can accomplish these plans by the end of the year is more a matter of possibility than determination. My plans include:

1. Taking a trip to Amsterdam in the Spring. This was planned for 2008, but our washer machine broke and we had to allot the money for our trip to a new washer.

2. Reap more from my garden than last year. I have a wonderful community garden in the German town I live in and each year I try something new. Last year my research, organizational skills, care, and planning helped tremendously. I am hoping that with the knowledge gained last year I can do more this year.

3. A year’s worth of sushi. I am working on a project that will feature
12 new sushi recipes – one to represent each month. It will take a while for it to be finished, but when it is, I hope it will be grand!

I hope everyone has a great 2009!

Radish from Sassy Radish:

I am looking forward to learning how to make good croissants and other puff pastry type baked goods. Also, I want to make good Indian food – it’s been on my mind for awhile, but I keep being intimidated by it.

Happy New Year!

Lore from Culinarty:

Happy New Year!!!

My foodie resolution has 3 main areas. 1) I’m aiming to become a Speedy Gonzales in the kitchen and use the same amount of time to experiment more. 2) Not being a big meat eater, I don’t cook meat as much as I wish and that’s something I hope to change in 2009. 3) Same goes for seafood.

Krysta from Evil Chef Mom:

My Foodie New’s Resolution is to try, I said try because I know I’ll probably break a few of these!

1. Start a starter… a sourdough starter, that is.
2. Get over my irrational fear of making bread.
3. Learn to make a killer pie dough.

They all have to do with dough. So the bottom line is I want to become a better baker.

Stef from The Cupcake Project:

I’d like to eat more greens this year – more salads, more green vegetables, and maybe even some healthier cupcakes with greens in them. I don’t want any green drinks, though. I’m not a fan of the vegetable smoothie. I do, however, like homemade lime soda, but that isn’t really green.

Melissa from Alosha’s Kitchen:

My one resolution is to not let myself get stressed out trying to cook something impressive every single night. The majority of the time I don’t even end up blogging about it, and I feel like I do a mediocre job because I am putting pressure on myself. I’m not sure where the pressure comes from, but I know I need to lighten up! Sometimes simple is best and I tend to forget that.

Otherwise? Keep expanding my and my husband’s palates. I’ve already done that to a huge degree in this past year, and just need to continue on that road. More fish, more vegetables, more soups. Happy 2009!

Christie from Fig and Cherry:

In 2009 I want to travel to and eat everything I can in Barcelona, Tokyo and New York! I also want to try making beetroot-cured salmon and eat lots of new types of cheese. I’m very ambitious :)

Happy New Year.

Luanna from Ode to Everything Food:

It’s the first week of January, and the same old New Year’s resolution is taped to my forehead and desk — Lose weight. This year, it’ll be different. I am going to go about it the healthy way — lots of vegetables, legumes and less red meat.

I think it’s going to be harder on our household this year. Since I’ve been working from home the past year, I have been doing a lot of cooking (and blogging). It’s been a fun journey, but who says I can’t do the same thing with more healthier foods. Instead of rib-eye steaks, we can have some grilled chicken and fish. Instead of mashed potatoes, we’ll have more vegetables (roasted, grilled or steamed). And instead of decadent and chocolate desserts, we’ll eat more fruit.

I am now looking forward to the road ahead in 2009. And I am especially looking forward to learning from Chew on That blog, your blogs and hopefully I can share some of them with you on my blog, http://www.odetoeverythingfood.blogspot.com

Happy New Year and Happy Eating!

Rita from Clumbsy Cookie:

Foodie New Year’s Resolution? You know I haven’t thought about that! Oh I know, I’ve been thinking a lot about bread lately, so I guess 2009 will be a yeast filled one!

Gail from The Pink Peppercorn:

Hmm wow! I don’t even have a foodie new year’s resolution. But, I would love to try an authentic bouchon in Lyon, it just sounds like my idea of heaven. I am also looking forward to enjoying the finds local purveyors have sourced from local farmers. Those are always some of the tastiest bites.

As always, thanks to everyone who participated! If you were not contacted for this month’s Monthly Mouthful and would like to be included in future Monthly Mouthfuls, please e-mail us at chewonthatblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

Add your own Foodie New Year’s resolutions in the comments below!

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  • http://www.teczcape.blogspot.com/ tigerfish

    Foodie resolution is to start cooking again! I have been totally slacking.

  • http://herbivoracious.com Michael Natkin

    I resolve to “spread the love” more, using my blog space to occasionally point out exceptional work on other sites.

  • http://simplyscrumptiousfoodie.com Jessie

    I’m not big on resolutions but one of my goals for this year is to learn how to bake bread!

  • http://foodalogue.com Joan Nova

    I already embrace a healthy diet (most meals) so my resolution is ‘smaller portions’. Also, this year, because of the event I’m running called A Culinary Tour Around the World…I’m challenging myself and other food bloggers to try different cuisines. Details and itinerary are on my website if anyone cares to ‘meet’ me in one of the destinations.

  • Addie

    Being a diabetic, and my daughter has been ordered to lose weight, I need to find someone to cook for. (I live alone) And I think I have. My 20 y.o. grand-daughter loves to cook, so she has been coming here almost everyday and I am helping her to learn to cook for herself. So for me, my resolution would be to pass my kitchen knowledge on to someone else.

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