Just A Spoonful of Sugar…

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Just a spoonful of sugar…makes your vegetables stay intact when cooking!

I learned something today from the New York Times. What first sounded like a myth was proven by many food scientists as fact: Adding sugar while cooking vegetables helps them to keep their shape and nutrients.

When you heat vegetables or fruits, their cells essentially “leak out” causing them to lose their shape. But adding sugar acts as a glue that keeps the cell structure intact for longer. Read the whole article here.

The best example provided in the article was baked beans. Many baked bean recipes include molasses (a sugary substance) that allow the beans to cook for hours before losing their shape.

When we eat superfoods to maintain our health, it’s best to eat them raw to seal in all the nutrients, but maybe, just maybe we can cook them with some sugar and we’ll have the best of both worlds!

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  • http://www.treehuggersonline.com Roger OBrian

    What do green superfoods provide? They supply essential nutrients to your current diet, add on years to your life span, and also combat the signs of aging. There are many different superfoods but 3 of them are the most important green superfoods in terms of anti aging. What are they? Wheatgrass, Spirulina, and Chlorella.

    There are many factors that cause cell damage in our body chemistry including outdoor pollution, environmental toxins, food preservatives, and even a majority of toxins. When our cells become damaged it can affect us both mentally and physically. This is because our body is not always able to completely remove the harmful toxins therefore the free radicals begin their destruction on the cells. You are probably aware that our skin is the biggest organ in our body but it’s also the very first to display any signs of aging including wrinkles and lines.


    What is Chlorella? Chlorella is actually an amazing anti aging supplement that has been called ‘nature’s fountain of youth.’ Chlorella supplies a large amount of chlorophyll, an impressive antioxidant that applies itself to weighty metals and rids them from the body. Chlorella will help you feel and look younger but it will also enhance your memory and decrease brain damage. Chlorella is by far one of the best anti aging foods in the world.


    What is Spirulina? It is blue-green algae that offers health benefits that aid in the anti aging process. Spirulina also provides a variety of nutrients found in the sun, water, and also plants.

    The blue-green algae, Spirulina, is related to a vast range of both health and nutritional benefits. Spirulina comes in different forms such as pills, flakes, powders, and tablets. You can find it in practically any health food store. It is a very powerful antioxidant that helps decrease both mental and physical signs that accompany age. It is also one of the utmost important green superfoods.

    At one time few had ever heard of Spirulina but nowadays many people are talking about it. That’s because it’s a great supplement when you want anti-aging results. You will start to see a younger you but also feel younger and find that you have more energy.


    You might be familiar with wheatgrass, a baby wheat plant, because it is well known for offering health and anti aging benefits. Wheatgrass comes available in the form of a supplement or juice. You can find wheatgrass in smoothies also but in either form it is just as powerful and effective.

    Those are not the only main green superfoods that offer marvelous anti aging benefits but they are three common ones. Many people today do not have diets that include the very important nutrients our bodies we need. This means we are lacking the proper amount of antioxidants our body needs to effectively remove any toxins which is one reason some people may appear to ‘age’ quicker than others.

    By incorporating the three mentioned green superfoods; spirulina, wheatgrass, and chlorella, you can begin setting up your defensive line against aging. By doing so you can start looking younger and even feel younger in no time.

    NOTE: I’ve dedicated my life to Educating Consumers on Natural, Organic, Supplements, Vitamins, Healthy Living, Natural Healing, Non-Genetically Modified, Non-Chemical Enhanced or anything we consume made from Un-Natural Sources. I’m asking anyone who reads my articles to post articles like it, or my articles on Great Blogs like this one to spread the word and help make people healthier. You can take credit for the articles, you can go to my Facebook Fan page and get information from there if you’d like or you can go to my store by clicking on my name above for information. I don’t mind if you use articles from my websites. The more we work together, the bigger the demand will be to grow more Natural and Organic Foods. We can’t beat big business and stop them from producing products that cause a vast majority of America’s Health problems because they’re after quanity and profits. Until they see the market shift and start losing money, they won’t change. That’s up to us and it’s time we demand better, safer, healthier supplements, vitamins, and food. We can show them, we the consumers are in control. That all starts with education and helping educate people who have not yet learned about these subjects. My Facebook Fan page is located at http:/www.Facebook.com/TreeHuggersOnline

    Thanks and I’ll post new articles like this once per week!

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