Zip N’ Steam Ziploc Omelets


Ladies and gentleman, it’s true. You can make an honest to-g-d omelette using an honest to g-d Ziploc Zip N’ Steam bag. If you’ve got eggs, a microwave, and this specific kind of Ziploc bag, then you ‘ve got breakfast too. Click on “read the rest of this entry” to find out how to make an omelet in the microwave!

One of our Recipe4Living readers sent us these great photos of  Ziploc omelets with the idea to throw a Ziploc omelet party! Say you’re having a sleepover and need brunch ideas for the morning, why not Ziploc omelets? They’re fun, easy, and everyone can make their own to suit their individual tastes. The best part is you don’t need to clean a pan or virtually anything for that matter, and you don’t need to worry about your omelets burning. They’re easy as 1, 2, 3!

Make sure to use Ziploc‘s Zip  N’ Steam bags designed for this sort of cooking purpose and not just any Ziploc bag. These bags are made specifically for the microwave and will not melt.


Ziploc Zip N’ Steam Omelets

If you use Ziploc’s new Zip N’ Steam bags, you can make an easy microwave omelet!


1 Ziploc Zip N’ Steam bag (no other Ziploc bags can be used – must be this specific kind)
2 eggs

Mix ins: ham cubes, green pepper, onions, cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, whatever you’d like!


Crack egg yolks into your Ziploc Zip N’ Steam bag. Zip up bag and lightly shake and squeeze the egg yolks to mix. Reopen bag and add your mix ins. Make sure all meats have been cooked ahead of time. Re-zip bag, letting all excess air out. Cook for 2 1/2 minutes in the microwave.

Open bag and serve!

Give each guest a Ziploc Zip N’  Steam bag and have them write their name on their bag. Crack 2 eggs only per omelette. Only two. Then shake bag to mix eggs. Put in any and all ingredients such as cheese, ham, onions, bell pepper, tomatoes, hash browns, etc. Have each person make and mix their own omelette in the bag with their name on it.

You can also make Ice Cream with Ziploc freezer bags. Who knew Ziploc bags were so versatile?!

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  • Josh

    I just checked the ziplock website, and they say the using ziplock bags for boiling food is not recommended. Sorry. It did sound like a novel idea though.

  • Hillary

    Thanks for your comment Josh. You make a good point. There are many recipes all over the Internet where people recommend boiling Ziploc bags in water but you’re right, Ziploc does not recommend this. I have updated this post to include a microwave recipe using Ziploc’s Zip N’ Steam bags. Thanks!

  • Julie

    i have used this with our overnight guests. They mix it up in bag with whatever they want to add in and after we mark their name with a sharpie they plop it is the boilingwater in kitchen. I serve them when they are done with muffin and fruit. Best idea and so much fun.

  • Julie

    Ziplock folks have to say it is not recommended in case someone eats the bag. Freezer bags are best as they are thicker. We are still alive here. julie

  • Becca

    Great idea, EXCEPT that you should never cook in plastic. Heating plastic is what releases that chemical that we’ve been hearing so much about in the news – Bisphenol A, which is a known carcinogen.

  • Charolene Stephens

    Just commenting you on the ziploc omelets; and how we used them. But we cooked them in boiling water for 13 minutes.

  • Jeanie

    you do not need a steam zip lock to do this.. just a regular ziplock. I use a freezer ziplock. It is WONDERFUL, and cooks up just like it says!!! You don’t need any fat in it (I pam my zip lock<<but even that’s not necessary). All I put in it (so far) is salt and pepper.. the trick is to cut the zip lock open instead of relying on the zipper. it rolls right out onto a plate, and trust me.. it’s marvelous. as for any meats you would like to add, i would suggest that it all be cooked, and cooled first.

  • Jeanie

    OHHH, and yes you cook these in boiling water for 13 minutesm exact!

  • Buck Ashcraft

    I called the ziploc people and they said not to use regular ziploc bags. They have a new one out called Zip and Steam Ziploc’s and I have some and they work great. I like to fix mine in boiling water because it stays so moist and the only thing I get moist out of my microwane oven is water.

  • Sherry

    If you are going to place the bags in boiling water, it is best to prick the bag with a pin first.

  • Ray

    How lazy can we get?

    And does the owner of Ziplock have a conscience?

    Instead of using the bag for storage, here’s a bright suggestion to use one for a whopping 2 1/2 MINUTES – then toss it in a landfill where it will sit – FOREVER.

    How about making a bio-degradable steamer bag Ziplock BEFORE coming up with knucklehead suggestions like this?

    What waste.

    And yes – cooking in plastic is carcinogenic.

  • anne

    The recipe twice mentions egg yolks. What about the whites?

  • Hey Ray

    Hey Ray, If this is all you can say about this recipe you have waaaaaaaaaay too much time on your hands. Abouth the yolks and the white of the egg, Ray they come out of the egg together use em. Thanks for your comment. Buck Ashcraft

  • Ruth

    Come on, we have been doing these for over 50 people at RV rallies, and no one has gotten sick. It isn’t like you do it every day.

  • Thanks Ruth

    Dear Ruth, Thanks for adding your comment. You are certainly right as opposed to some people. Buck Ashcraft

  • miranda

    For all you die hard nuts out there I have to tell you just about everything has toxins and carcinogens. or come in contact with them while in production. If you want to avoid them start your own farm and dont leave the house……well ok that only cuts them down. Can you live in a bubble?? Honestly they dont bother to prove most of what is sold on the market is not dangerous. A lot is.

  • ms

    Ruth, it’s great no one has gotten sick from this right away. I think the toxic concerns are longer term though. How many friends, family, family of friends do you know who have fought or died from cancer?

    Since we know we can’t avoid exposure to all toxins, why not limit what we can control (such as not heating up plastic)?

  • Hambone Jones

    Jeez people, it’s not like anything else we use in this life is not going to kill us eventually. Live a litte and enjoy. They are using the Ziploc Steam bags. How about the cigarette, auto, factory, campfires, etc. etc. that we breathe in everyday? What about all the processed and fast food we enjoy. I don’t know about you all, but I am going to enjoy my time here on earth. And if I get sick from using plastics to cook, then it’s my own fault.

    I tried this recipe with the steam bags and it’s so much easier than using the ole frying pan. I also have tried other items with much success. To all the naysayers out there, don’t use them. Leave us who want to cook with them alone. If we die, it’s just one less day we have to listen to the bleeding hearts and people who think they have to impose their negative opinions on others for self gratification.

  • chris

    i am politely reading everyones comments – and not minding the different viewpoints…until someone goes and throws in a comment like “if I get sick from using plastics to cook, then it’s my own fault”, or “leave us who want to cook with them alone”. These are very selfish attitudes, and i get a little irate at people that make them. A big part of the problem we face in our world is this particular attitude – the “it’s my own business what i do” mentality. Maybe what color shirt you put on in the morning is YOUR business, maybe whether you wipe front to back or back to front is YOUR business, but I think it is safe to say that any decisions we make regarding our health or potential risk to health, is actually almost as much everyone else’s business as it is yours. Cancer is an epidemic. It is often fatal, always expensive, and never just affects the person with it. It isnt like a zit or a yeast infection. It is something that tears families apart, causes children to become orphans, and is taking billions of dollars worldwide to try to treat, cure, and research. Maybe you personally dont care if cancer claims you – would your spouses care? your children? your friends? what about everyone else that is footing the medical bills alongside you? what about a patient that cant get a hospital bed because your cancer riddled body is in the last one? I am not saying that ziploc baggie omlets will destroy the world – just saying that if you are self centered enough to think that you can make decisions based only on yourself, with no regard to the fact that your life on this earth will impact thousands of people – most of whom you will never meet – then maybe you should keep that to yourself. If given a heads up in life that “hey, maybe we shouldnt eat out of these things this way as there may be a cancer link here”, I think it behooves us all to take that advice. Yes, we may still get cancer from other things. or maybe some of us wont. In the end, no one will look at your tumor and say, yep that is a baggie tumor. They will say they will never know what caused it. so maybe we should all be conscious of our decisions, so at that moment when we realize that our selfish “none of your business” attitude was greatly flawed, maybe we can have peace of mind knowing we did all we could and did not add to our risks by eating food from a boiled baggie just cause it was fun.

  • Rob

    For many, the benefits of avoiding the toxin’s in plastic bags will be lost by using the nonstick fry pan (not good) or adding butter/oil to a traditional frypan. When you add in the fact that plastic bags designed for steaming/heating are designed not to release toxins (just like microwave vs. non-microwave plastic bowls), the overall benefit likely outweighs the risk. In a nutshell, if you don’t like it, don’t do it. This is not a “I want to smoke and destroy my lungs, leave me alone” health issue.

  • JimBob

    I guess no one ever thought about those “Teflon” coated pans they have been cooking in?
    So where is the Teflon going as the Pan gets used?

  • Sarah

    True true many of our decisions effect more than just us as individuals. We all have reasons why we cook, clean, etcetera the way we do. I personally pick natural and/or paper products over plastic but sometimes there is a need for convenience. My disabled adult child has limitations which limit her to microwave cooking only. I usually prepare her meals and freeze them to be reheated later. If I can pre-mix some omelets for her to cook in a bag that might be something that will help my time and hers too. I foresee a day when all plastic (grocery bags, trash bags, plastic baggies, etcetera are biodegradable, affordable & convenient.

  • Gefoff

    LOL… does anybody have any comments on how to make this recipe better or suggested ingredients to use?

    I thought the comments would be limited to useful recipe information and all I see is comments on how I should live my life… on a recipe blog???

    Very amusing to me…

  • http://n/a joan

    I followed the recipe but I feel that 2 1/2 min. was too long as the eggs came out rubbery.

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