Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Farewell Thin Mints – The legendary Girl Scout Cookies may soon be retired, Serious Eats reports. This is terrible news.

Stove Top Warms Chicago – The well known stuffing brand provides heat lamps in 10 different bus shelters around the city of Chicago for an advertising campaign “Cold provided by winter, warmth provided by us.”

Spice up your cookies – You’re probably used to nutmeg and cinnamon hogging your mixing bowls, but other spices like sumac or Hungarian moula are great for baking too (two sources report – here is the second).

The drinker’s anniversary – Today marks the 75th anniversary since Prohibition was repealed dubbing every December 5th “Repeal Day” – which Wall Street Journal cleverly labels ‘Cinco de Drinko.’

Mitigating meat emissions – The Netherlands sets the stage for greener practices in meat farming. More and more people are consuming meat, but the emissions in manufacturing meat products is harmful to the environment.

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  • Melissa

    Wait… no more thin mints? WHAT?! That’s sacrilege!

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