Mark Bittman Agrees With Me

[Image taken by Evan Sung for the New York Times]

Last year I went on a little rant about how much I HATE when people put marshmallows on their sweet potatoes. Ok, maybe it was more like a huge rant (can you still sense my bitterness?) But this year, I am happy to read that Mark Bittman, food writer for the New York Times, agrees with me. I mean, frankly, why wouldn’t someone self-dubbed “The Minimalist” agree that sweet potatoes do not need marshmallows? His name itself indicates that good foods need little embellishment, especially a food like sweet potatoes.

So, if last year’s accolade to the sweet potato didn’t convince you, at least give Mark Bittman’s recipe for simple shredded sweet potatoes a try. It’s different, it’s healthy and it doesn’t compromise the inherently sweet nature of any of its ingredients. After all, this year we’re trying to cut back on our grocery bills, right?

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  • Syrie

    Here here! Couldn’t agree more.

  • Shannon

    My husband requested that recipe specifically for Thanksgiving — no marshmallows in sight!

  • Melissa

    I still remember. You guys had the old look back then too. Sheesh, I’ve been visiting you for like, ever. Time flies…

    And you know, Hillary, every time I see a photo of sweet potatoes with marshmallows on them now, I think of you. Hehehehe.

    (and I still agree)

  • dorothea

    Thank god Im not in the “Marshmallow on Sweet potatoe
    Group. What a waste. Enjoy them as they are. They are sweet enough without all that burnt sugar on top Yuk!

  • Addie

    Ya know, sometimes there are benefits to being a diabetic. And marshmallows on sweet potatoes is one of them.

  • Mary

    I am 70 years old & from the south, so you can amagine I have cooked a lot of Thanksgiving & Christmas dinners.All included sweet potatoes with marshmallows on them. Even when we were overseas in Turkey & Germany and our local friends loved them and usually came back for seconds. So my friends opinions mean more than Mark Bittman’s. Happy Holidays. Mary

  • http://Ebkn cynthia bredeson

    there is no end to sweet potatos. in pancakes, cheeses cake or on a plate with sour cream–no-none marsh mallows!

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