Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Appetite Stimulus Plan – OpenTable sponsors a sort of nationwide restaurant week with prix fixe specials at various restaurants in select cities.

Do You Yelp? – New York Times delves into the effectiveness of Yelp, a website dedicated to user-submitted restaurant reviews.

Root cellars return – In response to scary economic times, many people have turned their basements into root cellars that store produce.

Obama mosaic – A New York bakery builds a mosaic of President Elect Obama made out of 1,240 cupcakes!

Kimchi Kouture – Korean cuisine takes a larger stage in the American theatre as Americans grow more interested in its health benefits (That’s why I like Amitabul!)

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  • Melissa

    They called someone with 976 reviews prolific? Heh. Look at my friend Anita:

    I do love Yelp, even with reviews that are immature and yes, even with ones that are biased or fake. If you’re on there long enough, those become easy to spot anyway. And it’s a great tool. It has led me to some truly incredible food I may otherwise never have known about. I recommend it to everyone who will listen.

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