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The United States presidential campaigns might be over, but our campaign has just begun. Chew on That is a nominee for “Best Food Blog” in the Blogger’s Choice Awards and we kindly and respectfully ask for your vote. This position has long been held by a food blog called “The Pioneer Woman Cooks” and we believe, it’s time for a change in the foodie blogosphere (just kidding, we love her!). Get out the vote! (If if you couldn’t tell I’m still going through withdrawal from an election coverage overdose)  Vote Chew on That for Best Food Blog!

Voting directions after the jump!

To vote, create an account with Blogger’s Choice Awards. It’s simple, it’s free, and you can sign up for one right here: Next click here for Chew on That’s page and click on the little vote icon! Simple as that!

We thank you in advance for all of your votes and appreciate the support you have shown for Chew on That blog. Sure, we have fun blogging about our cooking and all our food fare, but we wouldn’t love it so much if it weren’t for the readers. We hope that at least every now and then our recipes do help you in the kitchen! Thank you again!

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