The Candy Corn Debate

[Images via Serious Eats]

Yesterday, October 30th,  was National Candy Corn Day, but today we’re going to dish about how we really feel about candy corn. Are you anti-candy corn or pro-candy corn? Serious Eats, one of my favorite food blog communities, posted arguments both for and against the candy corn phenomenon. It’s clear by the amount of comments that readers prefer the anti-candy corn stance, but where do you stand?

Personally, I’m all for the cute concept but I despise actually eating candy corn. Made from possibly the nastiest, unhealthiest ingredients on Earth, I honestly don’t think I’ve eaten more than a maximum of 5 candy corn kernels in my lifetime.

But, I have to say that I think having candy corn around is kind of a staple of the season and I believe it inspires many other cute, much tastier creations. For example:

These “candy corn” cookies come from The Recipe Girl and I think they would make an adorable addition to anyone’s holiday cookie repertoire.

From I Heart Cuppycakes, these yellow and orange cupcakes are of course inspired by the famous candy corn.

And lastly, dubbed the “candy corn for grown ups” this bourbon pumpkin cheesecake from Smitten Kitchen takes the cake. The inspiration is in the name, rather than the actual food but it’s proof that candy corn is proverbial and a definite part of our culture.

So how do you feel about candy corn? Make yourself a candy corn shooter and answer below in the comments! Happy Halloween!

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  • maryann

    I never eat them but stick them on my front teeth for fangs :)
    The dishes you featured are great!

  • diane42997

    I’m diabetic, and while I’m nearly always satisfied with fruit or no-sugar-added ice cream for dessert, once in a great while I get a craving for something intensely sweet – 2 or 3 candy corns satisfies the craving without messing up my blood glucose.

  • Merianne

    I look forward to the first sightings of candy corn. It is the signal of Halloween planning to begin.

    My children use one as a sweetner in tea. The honey flavor does the trick and the amount is premeasured (1 per cup).

  • Jeanette

    Candy corn brings back great memories of childhood and is still one of those candies I really like. Besides with the honey content, can’t I let myself believe it is good for me.

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