5 Tricks for Healthy Halloween Treats

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This year, you can help introduce healthier alternatives to the neighborhood kids by steering clear of the sugar-filled Halloween treats. Your front porch is one place we can help fight the childhood obesity trend, and teach our children that healthier alternatives exist that are just as fun and yummy. I’d like to share five ways you can turn-around the sugar explosion this year.

1. Don’t Hand Out Candy. Five Reese’s Mini Peanut Butter Cups have 210 Calories, 12 grams Fat and 19 grams Sugar, and one serving of candy corn has 140 Calories, 0 grams Fat and 29 grams Sugar. That’s one heck of a calorie and sugar blow to our kids’ bodies. This year, give kids sticks or small packs of your favorite sugar-free gum. Extra sugar-free has only 5 calories, and with the many tasty flavors, no one will be disappointed.

2. Sugar Free Dirt and Worms. If you’ve been asked to take homemade treats to your child’s school for a party, try this funny and icky treat. Use cupcake liners and fill half-full with Diabetic Pumpkin Pudding. Top that with Homemade Granola. Then make the Sugar Free Gummy Worms to place on top.

3. Ignite Imaginations. Give small cans of Play-Doh, Silly Putty, or crayons instead of edible treats. This will keep the kids from snacking and encourage them to play instead.

4. Costume Accessories. Help the kids make their costumes even more entertaining by sending them home with wax lips, costume jewelry, fake tattoos, funny glasses and more. You can grab all of these things in multi-packs at the party supply store.

5. Healthy Teeth. You might be the only house making healthy choices, so send the kids home with silly toothbrushes and flavored floss to clean up all that sugar.

Have a healthy conversation with your children prior to their trick-or-treating as well. Help them to understand why eating their free treats in moderation will help them avoid tummy aches and sore teeth. Also, see if your community has a candy donation drive. There is a dentist in my town who pays kids by the pound to turn in their candy.

Before your little ghosts and goblins hit the neighborhood streets, fill their bellies with something good to eat to keep them warm and give them energy. A batch of this Chicken Chili with Parmesan Pepper Sweet Potato Fries will hit the spot.

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  • debi

    did you ever look at the ingredients of sugarfree gum, perhaps contains aspartame or some other horrible equivalent chemical that is outlawed in most countries other than the US. You really want to feed that to children.

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