Are You Ready for Halloween?

Halloween is in T minus 8 days, are you prepared? What will your celebration consist of this year? Are you having friends and family over for a spooky menu of tricks and treats? Well if so, make Chew on That and Recipe4Living your one stop shop for Halloween recipes. From spooky to just plain gross, we’ve got Halloween recipes up to our ‘edible eyeballs’. So dig into a gravedigger’s cake, or make some of your own Halloween worms!

Get all of our spooktacular Halloween recipes, tips and more after the jump!

Haunted Halloween Party
Trick your guests with a menu full of creepy, scary and hilarious Halloween treats!

57 Halloween Recipes

Whether you’re throwing a spooky, scary party for adults or you’re looking for some creepy edibles for kids, Recipe4Living has got everything you need. Our Halloween recipes have everything from edible eyeballs to witch’s brew punch!

Halloween Food and Fun
What could be better than a holiday where you get to dress up as anything you like, be it scary or just plain ridiculous, and enjoy all the candy and treats you want? Halloween is just around the corner! With trick-or-treating and eerie decorations, we all know this playful holiday is a blast for kids, and Halloween parties are a fun way for adults to celebrate too.  Here are some tips and ideas for a spooktacular (and safe) Halloween.

Surprise Your Child with a Halloween Party Full of Tricks and Treats
Halloween is one of the best holidays to throw a party for, especially if you have children. This Halloween, show your child a few tricks and treats by throwing your child the best Halloween party. Below is some useful information to help you get started on throwing a fun and kid-friendly Halloween party.

Halloween Recipes, Tips and Videos

Halloween has become the largest decorating holiday in the US behind Christmas and the range of fun and scary foods is almost as large. Enliven your Halloween parties with fun and creepy recipes from Recipe4Living.

Meal Planner

This great week of meals has a nice trip around the world, taking you from Greece to Spain to Asia – all in one week! Bonus Halloween recipes for the end of the week too!

13 Last Minute Recipes

Looking for some last minute Halloween recipes? No problem! Here are 13 of our favorite Halloween recipes that you can throw together in a pinch.

Halloween Recipe Section

Browse through our entire collection of Halloween recipes!

Halloween Recipe Contest

Everyone knows Halloween is all about candy, but there are TONS of deliciously fun and creative Halloween recipes that make their way out of kitchens each year. Share your best Halloween recipe with us and win big!

Leftover Halloween Candy Recipes
Whether your kids brought home four pillow cases full of sugary sweets or you bought too much to hand out to the neighbors and there’s some left, we have recipes to use up every last piece of your Halloween candy. Browse these sweet recipes below and start baking!

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