Budget Cooking Tips and Recipes

Let’s face it: the economy is not in good shape. With the financial crisis on Wall Street, rising food costs and fluctuating gas prices, we’re not in the midst of the most lucrative times. Making ends meet can be very stressful but we can all get through this with a little help and a little organization. First and foremost, we have to cut back on our spending and one of the best places to start is in the kitchen.

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Budget Cooking Tips

The following tips will hopefully help you save money on food and recipe costs:

Make a Grocery List

Before you step foot in the grocery, make a list based on your budget. Sit down on Sundays and figure out what you will be cooking for the week.. Keep an eye on grocery deals, sales and coupons when planning your meals. It’s generally better to go to the grocery more often and purchase less food as not to let food spoil and go to waste before you can eat it.

Compare Prices

Take note of the different prices of the products you usually buy at different stores to see who has the best price. Check out stores that will match prices too.  That way if you notice a better price at a different store, you can still get that price at the store you’re already at.

Buy Seasonal Produce

The price of produce varies greatly from season to season, so keep an eye on the growing season and select recipes accordingly. Go to farmer’s markets, especially at the end of the day when farmers are trying to clear out their stock. You can buy slightly damaged produce (usually with some completely safe bruising) at a reduced cost.

Ditch Brand Loyalty

Often times the generic brand will be the same as your brand item product. Try out the generic to see if you notice a difference, this will almost always save you money. If you notice a difference, switch back but in the meantime, it saved you money to try.

Buy in Bulk

When you find a good price on non-perishable goods, stock up (unless you don’t have the storage space). Rice, pasta, dried beans, cereal, instant coffee and other items will save you money when bought in bulk. (Note: Dried beans are much more cost effective than the canned variety. Think about the price per serving to keep things in perspective.

Reduce Your Waste

In addition to grocery shopping more frequently, you can reduce waste in your own home in a couple of ways. Keep an eye on recipe yield and adjust to fewer eaters. Practice simple portion control when serving food (this will also help you not to overeat), and favor smaller portions. Freeze any leftovers in meal-sized portions for future lunches or dinners. Also, get comfortable with recycling leftovers into casseroles, wraps, and other dishes.

Freeze Your Food

Freezing food is one of the best ways to save money when it comes to the kitchen. But if you’re just throwing leftovers in the freezer, you’ve got a lot to learn. Our users showed us that there are tons of time-saving tricks and easy tips for freezing and storing food the effective way.

Budget Cooking Recipes

Angel Hair Pasta in Creamy Mushroom Sauce
Easy Crockpot Stuffed Bell Peppers
Budget Casserole
Home Style Meatloaf
Chicken and Cheese Casserole

For more budget cooking recipes, visit Budget-Cooking-Recipes.com!

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  • http://www.justcookit.co.uk Alex

    Great post with some fantastic tips. Totally with you on the freezing front, it makes such a difference.

  • Erin

    Excellent tips! I recently learned how to drain and freeze hard tofu. Once you defrost it, it will have the crumbly texture of ground beef. We have cut our ground beef consumption in half and everyone loves it! Good for the wallet and the health!

  • http://www.dadpal.com Cooking Academy Food Healthy Recipes

    We found alot of food recipes base on the region, with the same materials cookers can make it so different base on what they were experienced with. For me, eating simple to full your stomach when ever you hungry, not so addict to luxury details.

  • http://top-chefs.blogspot.com chef

    Great articles here, thanks!

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