Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Mexican cheeses now U.S. bound – Cotija and Oaxaca cheeses are now more readily accessible in the United States. Bring on the Mexican recipes!

Potato Revolution - From russets to reds, farmers have been growing all kinds of potatoes for years but now, even more varieties have been added to the starchy bunch! Sounds perfect for Potato Hos!

Pumpkin beer satisfies – In light of the fall season and the holidays, many breweries have been concocting pumpkin brews. Now, they are drinker approved!

Chicken soup for the…blood pressure – Study shows that eating chicken soup may in fact lower blood pressure. Guess it’s good for more than the soul!

A guide to homemade pasta - Sounds like something I should have read before my humble attempt at homemade orrechiette.

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  • Melissa

    Love the pasta article, thanks for that one.

  • abulafia

    Nice tips on the pasta making. Can I add in another? When rolling your pasta thin in your machine, roll it out three times (or more).

    Roll it out into a long thin sheet then fold it back up, and rotate it 90 degrees. Roll out again, and refold. Rotate 90 degrees again, and roll out.

    The pasta gets stretched out in both directions roughly equally. The texture will be silky, it’ll be close to transparent in colouring, and the pasta will deform less when you are cooking – good for working with filled shapes.

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