5 Healthy Fresh Fall Foods

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Fall is a time for the ovens to fire up and the sweetest, calorie-loaded recipes that inevitably find their way to every family’s dessert table. At DietsInReview.com, we promote a healthy lifestyle and know that sometimes that means indulging. So we’d like to share five of the healthiest fall produce items you’ll find in your grocery store or farmer’s market, and a few recipes that will allow you to reap the nutritional benefits, without crashing your diet.

1. Apples

It’s true what they say, apples really can keep the doctor away, as they provide vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants. Don’t trim the skin, that’s where a lot of the nutrients and all the antioxidants are found. The insoluble fiber can make you feel full for longer, prevent colon cancer and aid in digestion. The soluble fiber can help reduce cholesterol and lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Fall Apple Recipes:
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
Baked Apples

2. Pears

This fruit is loaded with vitamins and minerals- B12, A, C, E, copper, potassium and folic acid (higher in a pear that has turned brown). They contain more pectin, a soluble fiber, than even apples- making them even more effective at lowering cholesterol. Pears can also prevent high blood pressure and stroke, prevent cancer, provide natural energy, its cooling effects can reduce fever, and a host of other benefits.

Fall Pear Recipes:
Blue Cheese and Pear Salad
Cider-Poached Pears with Honey-Vanilla Yogurt

3. Pumpkin

It’s on the list of the top 14 super foods – meaning it’s a rock star in the produce world as far as nutrition. Pumpkin is loaded with vitamin C, fiber and potassium; the seeds are a common fall snack and provide substantial essential fatty acids and zinc. Making pumpkin a regular part of your diet can reduce risk of cancer, heart disease, cataracts and stroke.

Fall Pumpkin Recipes:
Diabetic Pumpkin Pie
Diabetic Pumpkin Pudding

4. Cranberries

One berry survives the fall and adds color and flavor to every recipe. Cranberries provide a generous amount of vitamin C, fiber and are even low in calories. They are a positive health promoter in that they can reduce risk of breast cancer, urinary tract infections, heart disease, and reduce plaque and cavities.

Fall Cranberry Recipes:
Spicy Cranberry Dip
Cranberry Salad

5. Pecans

These fall nuts are loaded with protein, so you could actually include a handful of these and replace a serving of meat at lunch. They’re also a nutritional powerhouse, offering 19 vitamins and minerals, fiber, heart-healthy fat and antioxidants. Eating 4-5 servings of nuts each day, like pecans, can boost your immune system, reduce risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cancer and heart disease.

Fall Pecan Recipes:
Pork Chops and Maple Pecan Sauce
Pecan Meringues

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