Product Review: Snyder’s Multigrain Sunflower Chips

Product reviews are booming here at Chew on That. We’ve tried all sorts of products like bread makers, pasta sauces, even olive oil! But I have to say that one of the most unique new-to-the-market products is these Snyder’s Multigrain Sunflower Chips. Who knew a chip could be made out of sunflower seeds? I sure didn’t. In a quest for a healthful snack that even comes in its own 100-calorie pack, Snyder’s really hit a new tastebud with this one!

Check out our Product Review of Snyder’s Mutligrain Sunflower Chips to see how these chips fared.

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  • Jenna

    I haven’t seen these in the store — but they look like they would be pretty good. I’ll have to give them a try!

  • shwet patel

    i want to know how to make multigrain chips?

    thanking you,
    shwet patel

  • Vapor Pak

    I cant get the link to open :(

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