October Monthly Mouthful

Are you the type of person who says you’ll try anything at least once? Do you consider yourself a truly adventurous eater? Well, what about roadkill – would you eat that? Yea, we thought we were adventurous too until we saw this list of foods! Inspired by the original “Omnivore’s 100″ list created by Very Good Taste blog, we decided to make this the topic for our October Monthly Mouthful.

We asked food bloggers across the world to tell us:
“What foods would you NEVER try in a million years? Are there any?” and recommended they refer to the Omnivore’s 100 list for inspiration.

We may be foodies, but some of us do have restrictions. See which foods we wouldn’t touch after the jump!

Radish from Sassy Radish:

I think it’s safe to say that I’m never intending on trying things like dogs, monkey brains (I think it’s a delicacy somewhere), or various insects. I eat and like enough of various things to be comfortable excluding the more exotic foods.

Marc from No Recipes:

Dog, cat… or any other domestic animal for that matter. Also not a big fan of the idea of eating insects, but I might try them under the right circumstances.

Tenina from Steam Oven Cooking:

Well I have to say that “Road Kill” is WAY down my list of taste sensations and I probably wouldn’t eat it unless completely starving, without a dime and clearly stuck on a road that hosts small animals and fast cars simultaneously! I was amazed to find that I have eaten almost all of the 100 list, with a few standouts and yes roadkill and haggis are on that list! And frankly that’s where they can stay!

Melissa from Alosha’s Kitchen:

I was almost going to say there aren’t any, but… I think I have to put bugs on my “never ever” list. I just don’t fathom I could ever wrap my head around that. I think the only way one would pass my lips is if I were trying to survive in the wilderness.

Everything else is fair game, though, and I do mean everything!

Stef from Cupcake Project:

I would not want to try to eat something alive. The concept of eating something that’s wiggling around in my mouth gives me the heebie jeebies.

Gilli from So So Simple Food:

I really am not keen on trying whole insects even if they are covered with chocolate.
Haven’t we all eaten an ant as some stage? And they are bitter…

Can’t cope with roadkill…could be unhygienic…Too scared of Fugu. Won’t drink goat’s milk but love the cheese so I would cook with it. I’ve crossed out Durian – I believe the smell is revolting.

Sea Urchin… can’t quite bring myself on those. And even though I love offal…chitterlings don’t appeal to me. Nettle tea…I have crossed it out but I’m really not appalled by it. Carob…I only put that because I have eaten it and found it boring.

Jessie from Cakespy:

A food that I have never had an interest in, and that makes me shiver a little bit in disgust when I even think of it, is aspic. Meat Jell-O does not sound like fun times to me, and though some say you should never say never, I think I’d have to say never to that one!

Ruth from Once Upon a Feast:

Well, there are very few things on the Omnivore’s list that I wouldn’t eat, but….NEVER:
(Japanese blowfish…could kill you if not prepared properly)

And my own NEVERS…
chicken feet (my grandmother used to cook them in her chicken soup and my grandfather loved to eat them…yuk then…yuk now!)
Durian (supposed to have the most disgusting smell)

Anne-Marie from My Readable Feast:

For a fussy kid who didn’t like a whole lot of things, I’ve matured into a person who’ll eat just about anything. I’ve tried all kinds of meats (ostrich, alligator, rabbit, antelope, venison, horse, venison, Kobe beef, and ox), entrails (sweetmeats to kidneys, brains, hearts and liver – no Rocky Mountain Oysters yet, though I’m hoping to cross that off my list soon) and slimy things (squid, oysters, snails, frogs, abalone, lobster, clams, conch, and eels). I blame my heritage – half-Jewish and half-French – for loving everything from stinky, runny cheese to gefilte fish. I prefer my meat rare and enjoy steak tartar. And haggis is a treat, too, and I’m not even Scottish!

But it’s the normal things I don’t like and only in certain combinations, like chicken on pasta (yech!) and chicken in quesadilla (gag!). Chicken on pizza is o.k. as long as it’s Thai chicken pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. And I find Buffalo chicken wings downright scary, eesh! Otherwise, I love chicken.

So there’s nothing culinary I won’t try even once, though I saw Anthony Bourdain eat iguana once and that looked downright nasty.

Lydia from The Perfect Pantry:

There are so many things I wouldn’t try that I’m sure to lose my foodie creds, but top of my list would be innards, ham, live bugs, and almost everything Andrew Zimmern eats on his TV show, Bizarre Foods.

Clumbsy Cookie from Clumbsy Cookie:

I’m pretty open minded in anything food related, but I would never eat a live animal! Things that are still moving are a big turn off, yuck!

Sharon from Chocolate Chipped:

Oh, this is an easy one–I can’t imagine myself ever eating lamb, rabbit, eel, snails, frogs, sweetbreads, liver, gizzards, steak tartare, black pudding (ewwww!), foie gras, and probably a million other things.

Can you tell I’m a squeamish eater? I mainly try to stick to chocolate… ;-)

Christie from Fig and Cherry:

I’d never say never – I’ll try most things once. I really want to eat deep fried insects. I sought them out in Bangkok but couldn’t find any, I was very disappointed! Also, I hardly ever eat fast food – McDonald’s et al – unless I’m at an airport and there really is nothing else. I’d actually rather starve than eat that much salt, saturated fat and all the other crap that’s in there.

Lore from Culinarty:

Well the first thing that crosses my mind are bugs. I wouldn’t try them no matter how en vogue they would be, no matter what fancy restaurant would serve them or the stared chef that would cook them. Even looking at them in a plate without acting on run away urges would be a challenge for me. Hopefully I’ll never find myself in a survivor situation when they would be the only stuff I could eat for proteins…I’m such a chicken!!!

Joey from 80 Breakfasts:

I’m willing to give anything a try at least once :) The only thing I would draw the line at is endangered species…anything endangered I’m not trying. But all things other than that are fair game :) I like to give all food a chance!

Kris from To Be Mrs. Marv:

That takes no time at all to answer: Casu marzu. For the most part people eat foods that are available to them, so what may be strange to me living in the midwest wouldn’t be if I lived in a swamp or desert.

However, Casu marzo, apparently, translates to “rotten cheese” and it’s known as maggot cheese because, that’s what it is. They make the cheese and then leave it in a state where flies can lay eggs in it and then the maggots help in the fermentation process. Frankly, I just don’t see any reason at all to try that. (Oh, and you should eat it if the maggots are dead because that means it’s gone too bad to eat.)

Also after seeing this – I will never try hormel pork either.

As always, thanks to everyone who participated! If you were not contacted for this month’s Monthly Mouthful and would like to be included in future Monthly Mouthfuls, please e-mail us at chewonthatblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

Leave a comment telling us your own list of foods you would never try!

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  • http://kitchenmusings.typepad.com veron

    I would try anything except insects, especially live ones.

  • http://culinarty.sapiensworks.com/ Lore

    Ruth’s last turn off made me laugh out loud because my grandma used to cook them in chicken soup too and I’ve almost forgotten about them (ditto Ruth!)
    Quite a fun list to read :D

  • http://onceuponafeast.blogspot.com Ruth

    Great read…of course, I am glad supper is at least 4 hours off!

  • http://msn.com Margaret Pearce

    Durian is delicious once peeled. Dog Adobo in Philippines, OK. Alligator sausage OK. Chicken feet great in soup, with chicken heads cracked open for the brains at the table. Pig’s ears, tripe, chitterlings, fair. I will not starve if there is any food around of any kind.

  • http://www.clumbsycookie.blogspot.com clumbsycookie

    I have to add aspic on mine! Good call Jessie!

  • http://sososimple.blogspot.com gilli

    We’re a sophisticated bunch Hillary.
    Seems like most of us can’t get our heads around insects though. Interesting read.
    Lots of fun.

  • http://www.smorgasbite.com Hilary

    Ew, I can hardly read that list. It makes me queasy!

  • http://www.figandcherry.com/ Christie@fig&cherry

    I find it funny that most people said they’d never eat insects and I went searching them out to try!!! :)

  • http://kitchenkiki.blogspot.com Kiki

    I actually a fairly picky eater for someone with adventurous tastes. I was a vegetarian in High School and never really started eating meat again, just poultry & seafood.
    Having said that, I’m on my way to Italy and realize that if I don’t take some chances, I won’t know what I’m missing out on.

    I’m planning to me more adventuresome than at home.

  • http://culturally-confused.blogspot.com/ prtybrd

    Casu marzu is on my never ever list. Anything else that is technically rotten, like wild game that is hung out for several days until maggots form. I also have a thing about not eating eye balls. And I won’t drink blood, but eating it in some other form might be tolerated. I’d probably have to have some liquid courage before eating bugs.

  • http://whatscooking.us Ben

    There’s something about baked muds with a worm filling that doesn’t sound appetizing. But hey, if thats what you have to eat, what are you going to do?

  • http://allthingsnice.typepad.com/ Syrie

    Hi Hillary, great idea! Ok here’s my list:

    Brains, heart or any other organ except maybe for liver and it has to be in the form of pate.

    Head cheese – I’m not really sure exactly what it is but it looks disgusting!

    Dog, cat, endangered animals, live animals, road kill – what is wrong with people?!

    I tell you one thing I have eaten that quite disturbing – cubed blood. It’s served in noodle soups in Thailand. The blood is congealed so it’s jelly-like and then cut into cubes. Ugh.

  • http://www.justcookit.co.uk Alex

    Hi Hillary, thanks for stopping by Just Cook It and leaving a comment. I’ve been away over the last few days so haven’t had the chance to enter the potato Ho Down yet.

    I really don’t think there is anything that I wouldn’t ever try, but it’s a fun game, that’s for sure.

  • James

    To start with, monkey brains are NOT on my list AT ALL! They are prized in Africa & Asia as far as I know. Bugs of ANY kind I will NOT knowingly eat. The ONLY thing I’ve ever eaten that was alive was oysters (I LOVED THEM WHEN I DIDN’T HAVE DIABETES) & now there’s the compromised immune system thing going on. NO fugu, if I wanted to risk my life & possibly die I’ld eat raw oysters.Aspic is DISGUSTING, SO, no thank you please. Some other things I WILL NOT eat are: Dog, Cat, Durian, Head Cheese (It’s in the same category as aspic as far as I’m concerned), Most anything Andrew Zimmer eats I wouldn’t allow NEAR my mouth. There HAVE been a FEW things I’ld try, but NOT many. I’ve tried snake & it’s good, I practically LIVED on SPAM & macaroni & cheese when Iwas 12-16 years old (we didn’t have much money then & it was cheap), I don’t EAT chicken feet (to me, they are NOT for eating, kind of like buttermilk for me is an ingredient, NOT a food) & when added to chicken soup it adds SO MUCH taste to the soup & it gives the broth a deeper golden yellow color & it’s the cartilage that melts into the broth as it cooks then you get rid of them. Campbells soup has NOTHING on this stuff!
    Anne-Marie thinks chicken & pasta is gross, as well as chicken quesadillas & chicken wings are NOT edible. One of my favorite things to fix for a heard of people is “Chicken, Brocolli, & Pasta with Alfrado Sauce”. It gets gone faster than a water puddle in the desert. Quesadillas are just a tortilla with a filling of whatever, folded in half & heated up. What’s with THAT? The chicken wing thing I don’t understand AT ALL!!!! They are GREAT!!!!! It sounds just like a friend I’ve known going on the last 23 years. HE MAKES ME CRAZY!!!!!
    Where he is concerned, his MAJOR thing is tomatos’ & tomato products. He loves catsup, smooth tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, & enchillada sauce. HE would rather sit there & get his brains blown out rather than eat tomato ON or IN ANYTHING!!! I’ve seen him sit there and pick out EVERY LITTLE SPECK of tomato no matter HOW MICROSCOPIC before he’ll eat it!!!!! He also won’t eat tomato SOUP! What IS tomato soup? Thinned out tomato sauce with some spices & herbs. What’s the difference? Once, I fixed Beef Vegetable stew, & here’s how REDICULOUS he can be about food, when it was done & he tried it he claimed that he wasn’t eating it because I tried to sneek tomato soup into it & he could taste (yes, I DID bring ONE can of tomato soup & he had SEEN it. I’ld brought over a LOT of stuff that day because I didn’t know exactly WHAT I was going to end up doing that night), BUT HE “COULD TASTE IT” he claimed. Then he got a look of dismay when I brought out the can that he claimed was IN IT & it was unopened. I got a BIG laugh at his expense because he was being stupid & I could PROVE he was full of it!!!!!! There was a whole dutch ove full of it & there was none left when I went home. What does this tell you about people?

  • http://www.huggingthecoast.com Hugging the Coast

    I will never eat balut…ever!

  • Addie

    Pig Kidneys. The smell of urine while it is cooking can make a person pas out. My neighbor in Texas cooked hers outside because of the smell.

  • Marsha Parker

    I am a muffin lover from way back and when I discovered I could put some flax seed in whatever recipe I was using to make me a healthier eater, well I got all creative. Using different fruits both fresh and dried even pumpkin was great, but when I tried frozen MANGO and it tasted like soap, I drew the line and trashed the batch. Never contaminate any great muffin recipe with Mango unless you enjoy eating soap.

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