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I would be a terrible writer if I started this post with something as cliche as “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Although I suppose in this case, it’s more like “don’t judge the pasta by its pouch.” But it’s true, many of you foodies out there might raise your eyebrows at the idea of pasta and sauce in a microwavable pouch ready in only 90 seconds! But before you jump to conclusions, you may want to read what some of our pleasantly surprised Product Testers had to say about Ronzoni Bistro products!

Here’s a preview…

“This was very easy to prepare, in the microwave for 90 minutes then into the bowl.”

“My 12 year old son asked if I had another package for him to have for supper. He was disappointed when I had to tell him no!”

“Finally!  A ready-to-eat pasta product that tastes homemade!”

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  • Nona Ubiznez

    Why is your product locator so generalized? Telling me the product is available in the state of CA is hardly going to help me track it down…..! Most product locators on websites tell you specific outlets in your town that carry their product…. why don’t you??

  • christina c

    Ronzoni Bistro pastas are great for your kids.. they are litterally Chef Boyardee quality meals in a bag instead of a can.. there is more sauce than pasta, which is extreemly thick and full of preservatives (not that i was expecting much more) it’s a thick pasty goo that no adult who knows anything about food would actually eat. so, Great for kids if you want something slightly easier than canned pasta, but nothing that is a wonderful “bistro” meal for an adult at work.

  • SWL

    Nona Ubiznez. You aren’t missing anything. I tried the spaghetti with meatballs, and the rotini one, and these things taste worse than canned spaghetti. They’re not cheap either, not to mention the portion is small.

    Stay far away from this crap

  • John Matthews

    Ronzoni frozen foods – don’t buy them. They look, smell, and taste atrocious. I’ve eaten a lot of frozen food in my day, but this was the worst stuff I’ve ingested in years. I’d rather go hungry than eat this stuff again.

  • John Matthews

    When I’m on the run, I like quick easy to make simple meals. Ronzoni products don’t qualify. This was just god-awful. We had to light a candle in my house to get rid of the stench it left behind. When I looked at the finished product – it looked like something I would find in a soiled baby diaper. This stuff if vomit inducing. Please – don’t eat this junk. I’m going to be using it as a torture mechanism during my next prisoner interrogation. Once they see and smell it, they’ll cave. Something tells me they use this stuff at Guantanomo Bay to get prisoners to talk.

  • Shawn

    Tried the spag and i really liked it! it is DEFINITELY better than canned pasta.

  • mary


  • Valerie Caron

    My daughter asked me to get some of those Bistro meal packets she had at a grandparent’s house. Because it is prepared food, I was concerned about the sodium because even the soups are high. I checked the nutrition label on the tomato basil one, and it has 1000mgs of sodium in it – that’s a whole gram!!! I did a little research and to put that in perspective an adult in good health should have no more than 3 grams of sodium per day, a 10 year old should have only 2 grams of sodium per day, and a child age 1-3 should have no more than .8 grams of sodium per day (that’s less salt than what’s in the package of pasta!). Since salt is in virtually everything we eat, and drink (yes even water has salt in it), it adds up quickly.

    Consider this info from

    Very common in America is sodium excess, which occurs because sodium is found in almost all foods and because processed foods contain large amounts of added sodium, primarily in the form of salt. Too much sodium is bad for people with high blood pressure. High sodium intake increases the risk of liver, heart, and kidney disease and causes edema and dizziness. Sodium and potassium ratios must be in balance in order for both to function properly; too much sodium disrupts potassium’s action, and vice versa.

    The daily recommended intake of sodium is the subject of some debate, but generally falls somewhere between 1000 and 3000 mg per day; Americans eat on average 4000 to 5000 mg per day. 1/2 teaspoon (2-1/2 ml) of salt contains about 1000 mg of sodium, so cutting down on salt is one way to control sodium intake. Be careful of processed foods, too. The American Heart Association recommends that for every 1000 calories of food eaten, the amount of sodium should be under 1000 mg, certainly no more than 3000 mg. Foods labeled “sodium-free” contain less than 5 mg of sodium per serving; “very low-sodium”, less than 35 mg; “low-sodium” no more than 140 mg of sodium per serving.

    I say we boycott the companies that are killing us and our kids.

    -Valerie Caron
    Educated Consumer and Mom of 3

  • kelsey

    I bought the linguine with chicken and mushrooms because it was on sale. I guess they were just trying to get rid of it because it was one of the most horrible things I’ve ever eaten.

  • Westravler

    I fixed the chicken and penne pasta with broccoli. I guess the broccolli is the green specks. The sauce is thick and pasty. The chicken is like the chicken you get from a can. At least the scant pasta isn’t mushy. The woverall flavor is overwhelmed by a horrible chemical or preservative flavor. You are way better off opening a can of Chef-Boy-R-D Beefaroni. Wow, I never thought I would recomend that! I’m just glad I made a salad to go with it so I at least have something fit to eat. Who ever wrote the over view at the top of this page is clearly getting paid off by the perpetrators of this food felony.

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  • MRE meals

    Great post here. I’m sure my kids gonna love this one. I wonder how much is it?

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