Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Are you up on your food safety knowledge? – Take the quiz to find out.

Need a guide on what to freeze?Washington Post put together a list of tips and how-tos on what can and can’t be frozen.

The Internet might not always be your foodie friend – Be careful of online recipe and restaurant review manipulation.

Heirloom beans make headway - We knew about heirloom tomatoes, but heirloom beans are a fresh topic.

Beware of scratched countertops – Bacteria may be caught in cracks on countertops or stovetops. Be careful when cooking food, always keep a clean area.

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  • Tenina

    Great list of articles as usual…LOVE the weekly foodie news! (and the chocolate chip cookie recipe as well!!)

  • Melissa

    I was pretty pissed about that post-gazette article and corresponded with the author afterwards. It wasn’t any fault of hers though. Deborah is a liar. *Shrug*

    Also, I buy Rancho Gordo beans and they are FANTASTIC! Highly, highly recommended.

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