Super-Target vs. Corner Store: Which Do You Prefer?

In today’s New York Times there is an article about a recent shift towards smaller grocery stores from the all-in-one-place supermarkets that have become so prevalent. The article discusses how consumers don’t necessarily want an expansive variety of food products all the time, quoting a supermarket adviser who says, “If you’ve got 50 feet of ketchup and what you want is Hunt’s 64-ounce and you can’t find it, people get overwhelmed.”

I know from my personal shopping habits, I prefer a smaller grocery store. Although large grocery stores are generally laid out the same way, I find it easier to run in and grab what I need when the size of the store is smaller and the number of brands fewer. The article says that large supermarket chains like Safeway, Jewel-Osco and even Wal-Mart all have plans to open smaller, more “market-like” stores.

I tend to favor this idea and I’ll tell you why. I probably do 75 percent of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s for a couple of reasons:

1. It’s on my way home.

2. They have high quality food at very reasonable prices.

3. I know what they carry and I know where to find it.

But this may not be true for you. I’m a twentysomething shopping for me and my boyfriend, and our grocery needs are different from that of a family of four. How do you feel about this debate? Do you enjoy the intimacy of smaller markets or do you feel right at home in the neon lights of the supermarket and the expansive shelves of cereal? Tell us what you think!

  • michelle @ TNS

    local store, all the way. they may not have exactly what i want, but i’ll have more fun trying to figure out something new anyway!

  • Hillary

    I like local stores better too. They often carry more unique brands or produce, or simply have better quality. Great question!

  • Melissa

    Local for sure, but I imagine you’ll get that answer from the majority of your visitors. ;)

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