Product Review: Mrs. Dash Grilling Blends

Have you tried Mrs. Dash yet? Her seasoning blends are #1 in America, and she’s all over the grocery stores, but have you actually tried them?

We have! And so have our Recipe4Living testers. I tried Mrs. Dash steak grilling blend on a steak dinner I cooked for my family and all I have to say is: if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to spruce up dinner, look no further. Mrs. Dash has just the right combination of spices for all your grilling needs. With four different flavors of grilling blends: Mesquite, Chicken, Steak and Hamburger, they are all natural, salt-free, MSG-free and even kosher! So why wouldn’t you try them?

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  • Marie

    I agree, Mrs. Dash and similar spice blends provide instant flavor to meals so easily! I have only tried the garlic and herb flavor, but had I more room for spices, I’d certainly branch out and try the others.

  • kliz03

    I always use Mrs. Dash when I’m grilling. I love using it on my steaks.

  • Donna

    Just a word of advice regarding MRS. DASH. I just purchased two of their marinades thinking they would have wonderful ingredients. WRONG-O. The 2nd ingredient in both is HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. I took both bottles back for a refund and wrote the company. What a disappointment from a company that proclaims it’s “healthy” ingredients.

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