Lisa Garza Might Make It After All

Remember this past season of The Next Food Network Star? Remember how I was so upset that Lisa Garza didn’t win? Well…rumor has it that the very talented Lisa Garza will in fact get her own show – just on CBS, instead of Food Network.  I knew she had it in her. Food Network Addict broke the news, but it has yet to be confirmed. If it’s true, I say public television is better than a cable channel. She’ll have more exposure. So take that Food Network! And yay for Lisa Garza! I can’t wait to watch all of your ‘simply delicious’ cooking demonstrations.

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  • kat


  • Pearl Mesta

    Apparently PBS is recognizing that not everyone wants to pay the high dollar for the best of cable. I understand Gweneth Palthrow and Mario will have their Spain travels on PBS this year and with Liza Garza this opens up a new world of prime time programs. I’m hearing and agreeing that there are not many good shows on TV. I’ve become well known at the Library.

  • AJ Gosselin

    I am so glad for Lisa. I thought she deserved her own show. The Next Food Network Star is a good show but I don’t think it really gives the contestants enough time to perpare and present their best. I hope she does well and I look forward to seeing her on the air. You go Girl!!!


  • Yve. Parnes

    Next Food Network Star is such a psychologically flawed show. Elitist Susie and the man judge.

  • Teri Lambert

    I really didn’t care much for Lisa. I think she’s a Prima Donna and not at all “down to earth” when it comes to basic cooking. She wants to be cooking on the elite side, which doesn’t fit in with everyday life styles.

  • Sheryl Smith

    I am delighted if it is true that Lisa Garza will get her own show. I like diversity in my cooking hosts–the Barefoot Contessa may be considered to be an elitist living in the Hamptons and serving her wealthy friends, but it is fun to watch. As will Lisa’s show be fun. She brings such class to the kitchen and I really can’t take my eyes off her. She was robbed of the title in last years competition, so I am hopeful this info is accurate and we will see her on tv soon.

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