Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

Who knew there was so much to do with a can of tuna? – Chicago Sun Times compiles 20 different ways to use canned tuna for homemade dinners.

Heart healthy grapes – Red grapes and therefore red wine has been proven yet again to be heart healthy.

Cinnamon keeps out the moldCinnamon will soon be used in bread wrappers to keep the bread from molding.

Learn better ways to store your food - With the slowing economy, now is not the time to be wasteful! Read this guide on how to better store flours, oils and other foods so that they don’t go to waste.

Slow drinks? - We knew about the slow food movement, but now cocktails have taken on a shade of green too!

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  • melissa

    Love the 20 uses for tuna. Since I discovered the imported cans at the Italian market next to my house, I am looking for other ways to enjoy it because it’s AWESOME. :)

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