Food Too Pretty Not To Share

If you’re like me, you’re constantly taking pictures of food. My camera has become an extra limb of sorts because there is rarely a time that I’m not snapping away at a nice meal. And some food is just too pretty not to share. I mean, that’s why sites like TasteSpotting and FoodGawker were made, right? Unfortunately for me, I can’t take credit for the beauty and delicious taste of the foods you will see in this post. But hey, I ate them and took pictures for you! That should count for something.

The above photo was taken at a wedding I went to this past weekend. It’s a tomato caprese salad made with fresh mozzarella, red and yellow tomatoes, and fresh basil, lined with a salad of greens and balsamic vinaigrette. It was quite possibly everything and anything I could have wanted in a salad, and it was gorgeous to boot. The camera was whipped out of both instinct and as a visual reminder to have that exact salad at my own wedding.

This picture also comes from the wedding I attended this weekend. I thought this dessert plate was well balanced, outstandingly delicious, and just plain pretty. Not to mention it was the predecessor to a chocolate fountain sweet table (remember how extravagant sweet tables can be? ) On the left we have a chocolate tart filled with a cinnamony-caramel concoction that was unlike anything I had tasted. In the back, we had an apple tart that tasted like fresh warm apple pie. On the right, was an ice cream cone shape filled with cream and topped with a raspberry.

Lastly, in this mini roundup of “pretty food from the weekend”, was this roll of tuna sushi. It was called the aloha roll, made with avocado and mango. The tuna was the freshest I had had in awhile and the mango gave it an outstanding flavor. It’s up there on the list of favorite sushi rolls! (And you can see a piece of salmon nigiri in the back, another favorite of mine!)

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  • Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    So much lovelier than the food at the two weddings we went to in August!

  • kat

    I feel so sorry for my husband who has to wait to eat at almost every meal because I’m photographing it.

  • grace

    sometimes pretty food doesn’t taste so pretty, but i suspect that these eats were easy on the eyes and taste buds. :)

  • Addie

    Presentation can sure affect your appetite. Same potatoes from the same pan. One just plopped on your plate and the other done with a scoop with a well on top filled with gravy drizzliing down the sides.

  • johnny frazier

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