The Hamburger Trick

The Hamburger Trick

Amidst game-watching and Labor Day barbecues, I learned something this weekend. An out of town guest from St. Louis left his mark on Chicago by sharing a trick to make burgers stay juicy when you grill them. See those holes that were poked in each hamburger patty? That’s the secret to a juicier burger, friends. That’s all it takes.

So how does it work?

The theory behind “the hole” method is actually dependent on the person doing the grilling. When grilled, hamburger patties have a tendency to sort of “inflate” at the center creating a shape we typically try and flatten out to keep that flat “real burger” shape. The hamburger trick assumes you take your spatula and press down on those burger patties to make that flatter shape. And in doing so, you get rid of a lot of those juices.

Enter the hamburger trick. If you simply create a hole prior to the cooking process, that initial inflation of the burger patty will not occur. Instead, the patty will meld together in a naturally flat shape and therefore it would be unnecessary to flatten with a spatula. The less spatula flattening, the less juice that’s lost, resulting in juicier burgers and happier guests.

It’s just too bad I discovered this trick at the end of summer. If you’re lucky enough to still have warm weather where you live, hurry and try this trick for yourselves!

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  • Melissa

    My husband learned that trick recently too. It definitely works well!

  • Joy

    Wow…that’s a good trick to know! I never saw anyone do that but that makes a whole lot of sense. I think we’ll try that in AZ.

  • kat

    interesting idea, we’ll have to try that

  • tigerfish

    I thought they look like donuts?! :O

  • melissa

    That totally makes sense. Thanks for the tip!

  • Deoan

    Year ago I visited a White Castle shop and watched how their hamburgers were cooked. Sure enough a hole was poked in the middle before being cooked. So I’ve used that method and no pink middle on the burgers anymore.

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