Montreal’s Atwater Market

Well, that’s it folks. Search no more. I’ve found the ultimate farmer’s market. And it’s not in America. It’s in Canada. Montreal to be specific. It’s called Atwater Market and it’s everything any food lover could hope for.

Imagine a place with outdoor and indoor market space with rows of fresh baked bread, just-picked fruits and vegetables bursting with bright colors, French pastries by the dozen, meat markets, florist stalls and maple syrup! (No, the maple syrup wasn’t thrown in there to make sure you’re reading carefully. It is an important staple in the Canadian diet and the market would surely be lacking without it.)

I’m no stranger to farmer’s markets, as you know, but I was truly blown away by beauty of the Atwood Market. And it wasn’t just the bounty of goods or the superior selection, I just kept marveling at the attention to detail. In every stall, fresh produce was arranged in magnificent rows of alternating colors and coordinated patterns. Small baskets were filled with assortments of fruits to be purchased as “variety packs” for those of us who just can’t decide what to buy!

As I strolled past stall after stall of gorgeous food displays, I couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy for my Canadian relatives who have access to this kind of thing all the time. (The market is open year-round with an indoor section of meats, breads, pastries and syrup – of course!) To be honest, the farmer’s markets in Chicago paled in comparison, even the Green City Market, which I love.

Why do you think some cities have better markets than others? Aside from geographical nearness to farmland, what makes a city market-friendly? I am certainly no market expert, but I am curious: what are the markets like in your town? Are they year-round? Seasonal? Small? Enormous? Do tell.

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  • kat

    In Minneapolis there is a large city farmers market that is 7 days a week during Spring through Fall (its outside so winter would be tough). Then there are lots of smaller markets throughout the area on different days of the week. We have a place called Midtown Market that has a produce market year round though often in the winter its not local. Plus we have a lot of CSAs locally since this is farm country

  • At Home with Kim Vallee

    You make me feel proud since this is where I shop. I like the Atwater market a lot.

    Thanks for your comment on the picnic tablecloth cupcakes. The girl who made it is another Montreal’s wonder.

  • At Home with Kim Vallee

    Ouups! I remark that it was Hillary who commented.

  • Leah

    LOVE the pictures! The best part about shopping at a place like the Atwater Market is that almost everything is produced locally. From the produce (yummy corn and apple season coming) to the butcher’s meat to the cheese maker, cider and wine bottler – they are happy to tell you where your food came from and how best to prepare it (and they’re always right!) Great story!

  • Singapore Florist

    If my wife sees this, she will go crazy. We don;t really have such market in Singapore.

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