Hola Fruta Sherbet Review

I never thought much about fruit sherbet before. Even though it’s something that functions in the same way that ice cream does,  I always forget about it when I’m choosing what to have for dessert. There was never anything truly exciting about it, it was just sort of there. But the Hola Fruta company has changed my perspective. Putting fruit sherbet back on the scene in more ways than one, they’ve helped me discover that fruit sherbet can actually be a pretty delicious and healthy dessert!

That’s my two cents. I tried the strawberry and pina colada flavors and I thoroughly enjoyed them. But we also conducted an in-house taste test at Recipe4Living so go check out what my fellow tasters had to say!

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  • http://www.teczcape.blogspot.com tigerfish

    The sherbet pint container itself it attracting me!
    iHOLA FRUTa!

    Has iPhone anything to do with this? LOL!

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