The Seltzer Machine

I’ve realized lately that my desire to make things from scratch actually runs in the family. I have a brother that likes to brew his own beer, pick the blackberries from his backyard to make homemade compote (much like Miss Orangette), and even made me homemade blueberry ice cream for my birthday one year. So for his birthday this year, it was only fitting that we bought him The Soda Club so he can add homemade seltzer to his list of creations. I finally got to see the machine in person during my recent trip to visit and learnt just how easy it was. 

Behold: The Seltzer Machine. All it takes is three easy steps and you’re on your way to cheaper seltzer and even pop if you so desire. 

Step 1: Fill provided bottle with water, and insert into machine. 

Step 2: Push button 2-3 times to insert carbonation.

Once you hear a slight squeak, it’s ready to be taken out and capped. Voila, instant seltzer! But wait, there’s more:

The package we bought him included flavor packs to make various regular and diet flavored pop (or soda or “Coke” wherever you’re from).

Simply pour the flavor pack into the bottle. Cap and give it a light shake, and you’ve got instant pop!

That’s the magical seltzer machine for you. Thanks to my brother for the demonstration!

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  • Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    What a great gizmo! And what a great way to reduce the number of bottles of seltzer we buy. Will have to track down one of these for my kitchen.

  • kat

    I’ve asked for a Penguin which is very similair

  • dashford

    Be warned that refills for your CO2 canisters currently take 10-14 days to deliver — you either have to guess when you’re about to run out, or be resigned to going a while without seltzer.

  • Jans

    What a great item.

    i saved $10 using a coupon code at

    highly recommended

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