A Little Overboard

I accepted cherry tomatoes, and even grape tomatoes. Then plum tomatoes came along and I was ok with that too. But strawberry tomatoes? I think we’re going a little overboard. What is the point anymore? Must we liken our tomatoes to every kind of fruit known to man? I mean, wouldn’t you just kill me if I told you to make tomato paella with sliced strawberry tomatoes? Can’t a tomato just be a tomato?

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  • http://starchymarie.blogspot.com/ Marie

    I did not know about these strawberry tomatoes. I agree, they’re starting to take some major liberties with the experimentation!

  • http://kwanzoo.com/social-trivia Liz

    “Super sweet?” Why not just eat a strawberry, then? If I want a tomato I will eat a tomato that tastes like a tomato. Thanks.

  • Sarah B.

    Hillary, i am curious since I haven’t heard of the strawberry tomatoes till now, have you tried them? What do they taste like?

  • http://agoodappetite.blogspot.com kat

    I always thought the Strawberry in the name just related to the size, you know they are bigger than a cherry so they are strawberry sized….

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