How much do YOU spend on food each week?

I did a quick poll amongst my Twitter foodie friends asking them how much they spend on food each week. I’m doing some re-budgeting lately and wanted to see how much money other people budget for food. At first the answers were shocking to read, but I quickly realized just how fast food prices can add up (Keep in mind the euro is valued at approximately $1.50 and the pound is valued at approximately $2).

But now it’s your turn. Tell me readers, how much do you spend on food each week, be it on restaurant meals, trips to the grocery store or even farmer’s markets. And please, specify how many people you feed. Can’t wait for your answers!

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  • chkn

    Wow it is really surprising to see these stats! And yes I noticed that I spend at least £ 10-15 that usual these days, tough times I guess :)

  • Danny

    Wow, never really thought about it. Probably at least $100 dollars a week.

  • Sarah

    I used to spend over $100 a week (and that was just for me!), but I am starting to actually use the food in my pantry and am around $30 a week right now.

  • JEP

    Single person. Right now, I am eating virtually “free” lunch 5 days a week (allotted amt. “free” in hospital cafe)…so not counting that, I estimate ~$50.00 grocery-wise plus eat out a couple of times. Uhh…maybe I need to look at my spending a little closer because it just probably is more than that. It’s a heck of alot more if my grandchildren are eating with me :)

  • Liz

    It’s pretty hard for us to keep track. My fiancé and I only have ourselves to feed, thankfully, but since he works at a grocery store the shopping is in small daily doses instead of a weekly trip. I’d be surprised if it exceeded $100 in a typical week, and it probably averages much less. We seldom eat out.

  • melissa

    It’s just the two of us, but I still spend over $100 per week, sometimes up to $150 if I do all my shopping at Whole Foods and buy specialty meats and produce. I am grateful to be able to do that.

  • Sarah B.

    It’s just my husband and I but between my bad habits of eating out during my lunch break and well, the both of going out to dinner at least twice a week, I would say including my one trip to the grocery store in a week period…it would range from $100-$150.

    That includes, grocery coupons, and we only eat out for lunch or dinner with restaurant coupons as well.

    It sure is expensive out there!

  • arby

    3 of us plus when grandgirls come over but we spend at least $180.00 every 2 weeks

  • Cate O’Malley

    We spend $300 or less a month for 2 adults, a 6-year-old and a 6-month-old, but I’m also an big time couponer and stockpiler. :)

  • Jaden, Steamy Kitchen

    WOW, I have no idea how much I spend!!! Maybe $250 a week?

  • http://recipeforliving Donna J

    Multi-generational household feeding 8 for $140 a week includes a 6 month old.

  • stephanie

    i spend $100-$200 every 2 wks, for 5 ppl…7 if you count my 2 teens twice!!!. depends on what bill needs paying first.

  • stephanie

    depends on whay bills need paying. about $100-$200 every 2 wks. for 5 ppl..7 if you count my teens twice!!!

  • http://Donothaveone Bonnie

    I spend around $500 or more/month for my Down Syndrome son and me (and we have 8 cats, too).

    We eat perfectly healthy, and that costs much more than eating fast food and junk food. We don’t even have those in our house! Ours is largely produce from Aldi’s, and we buy large flats of chicken breasts and divide them into quart bags to pull out of the freezer whenever we need them; and we do the same with ground turkey and beef – we use the Reynolds Handi-vac freezer bags and the little Reynolds Handi-vac to draw out the air. Best thing I ever invested in! You save alot of money separating the meat like that. We try not to eat meat every single day – we substitute bean dishes instead – it’s healthier.

  • Julie

    I spend $120 every 2 weeks on groceries and household supplies (I budget it all together) We have a garden to suppliment our vegetables. 2 Adults and 2 children.

  • Margaret

    A family of 5 we spend 250.00 every 2 weeks, depending on the coupons those 2 weeks

  • Addie

    I spend about $125 a month for one person. I buy family packs, break down into individual servings, freeze. Buy produce that is only on sale, prepare in one cup increments fresh produce that can be cut up and frozen raw. (onions, peppers, etc.) And I am a big time user of coupons. I redeem at least $25 every major trip to the supermarket. I also check the bruised or no so pretty shelves in the produce section. Take what I think I can salvage, remove the non-usuable parts and cook or freeze up the rest. A lot of damaged fruit gets stewed and frozen. So even though I make one major trip to the supermarket a month, it is a two or three day event. Between cutting coupons, searching the flyers for the sale items, breaking down the meats into individual servings, cutting and stewing fruits and veggies, cutting fresh produce for the freezer, it turns into a major job. But I love working with food, so I don’t consider it a chore.
    By being so frugal, it allows me at holiday time to buy all those little extras that make baked products so special. Colored sugar, sprinkles, etc. I do the holiday baking for three households. And I am always looking for recipes that call for five or less ingredients.
    I recently became involved in an Adult Day Care Center as a volunteer. The food they serve is designed around diabetics and those with high blood pressure. No salt, low in carbs. It is surprisingly, very tasty. I suggested that they take the recipes and break them down to cooking for one or two people. They loved the suggestion and will be printing the recipes on index sized cards and making them available city wide. This alone should promote a huge savings in grocery shopping.

  • Rita

    It’s just my husband and I. We spend about $200 a month at Costco. Mostly bulk meat which I bring home and use my foodsaver and freeze.

    Grocery store is about $100 a week, but I also budget in at least one additional trip during mid week for fresh produce.

    I use store’s club cards, in-store discounts for members. Some coupons. Always take a look at the discounted meat that’s about to expire, too.

  • don

    we spend about 150 per week. we also go thru 1.5 gallons of milk per day plus 6 loafs of bread for a 18,15,7,4 yr old my wife and i we also shop at aldi’s for our milk @ $2.25 a gallon and yes it depends on which bill needs paying 1st

  • http://ChewonThat Diane

    There’s seven of us, four 1/2 adults (teen almost 18) twin 9 yr olds. We spend about 250 on food every week and that’s because I cook from scratch alot, we eat beans,fresh vegies in season, fruit in season, buy in bulk when we can, buy large amounts of meat/fish/chichen when on sale and divide into daily portions, cutting down on sweets, no soda, bake a lot.

  • Farzan

    100-130 a week. But I enjoy quality foods and would rather not subject myself to the more affordable ramen noodles or canned foods.

  • Sly

    It’s just me, so i only spend $50.00 a week, and i make sure i take a list with me. And while i’m putting things in the cart, i write the price down on the back of my list to make sure i don’t go over the $50.00 because, that’s all i have in my pocket, accept for some loose change.

  • Deb

    Well, it now well into 2010 and prices keep going upward. There is only my husband and I most of the time with occassional guests and the monthly women’s meetings for which I help provide the food. I do a lot of canning and freezing, plus buy my meats in bulk which I then vacuum pack and freeze. My household budget for groceries, eating out, household needs, plus all my cleaning, laundry, medicines, and personal projects is $1000. I am usually able to save about $200 per month out of this for Christmas shopping and another $100 each month for charity. I do buy a lot of fresh fruits and veggies for salads and snacking. So I guess the bottom line is that I spend, on an average for just food items, about $70 each week. But since I cook every night and we only eat out about once per month, that is not too bad.

  • desiree

    It really depends on how much we are budgeting, but it can be anywhere from $70 to $150 a week for two adults and one toddler.

    I don’t really use coupons, (though I’m starting to) I do my best to shop sales and use in in-store discounts. I try to stay under $2 a lb for meat, fruits and veggies if fresh. we eat a lot of frozen veggies too.

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