Easy Dinner Hot Off the Grill

It’s not very often that people depend on me to cook them dinner*. So, when people do depend on me for dinner, I get a little…how shall I say it? Nervous. Questions like “what if they don’t like what I make?” or “what if it’s not cooked well?” swarm through my head.

For the past couple weeks, my mom has been out of town which means Friday night dinners with my parents and brother need to be cooked by someone else, like for example: me. In order to not disappoint, I automatically took the safe route to dinner: the grill. I decided to go with grilled steak and veggies because it’s easy, tasty, and hey, it’s still summer!

We had some ribeye steaks at home that I planned on testing my new Mrs. Dash steak seasoning on. I went to the grocery store to buy some fresh veggies: red potatoes, portobello mushrooms, red pepper and corn on the cob. Grilled veggies, and lots of them, are the best part of grilled meals, if you ask me.

I brushed a little olive oil on my steak so that the seasoning would stick and it could flavor the meat while I prepped my veggies.

I made some of Maxine’s Easy Grilled Potatoes, which were indeed easy. Thirty minutes and some slicing, soaking, spicing and grilling later, we had flavorful delicious grilled potatoes.

I put the corn (still in their husks) on the grill first, along with the sliced potatoes. I got the potatoes out of the way first and wrapped them in foil to keep warm. Next went my portobellom mushrooms and peppers, followed shortly after by the steaks. I knew I didn’t need a long time to cook my steaks so I put them on last.

Everything came out perfectly, even the steak! I loved the Mrs. Dash steak seasoning – I used it for a product review so tune in a couple weeks for the complete review!

This might not be the prettiest picture but it was a delicious meal. The corn on the cob was so sweet and juicy without adding anything to it! I loved the portobello mushrooms, we usually use button mushrooms so it was a great change. Overall, I was quite proud of my ability to feed the family, and I don’t want grilling season to end!

*It’s not because I’m a bad cook, I just don’t have a family yet. And no, I’m not in any hurry.

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  • http://deestroyer.blogspot.com/ deanna

    Looks like my kind of dinner! I LOVE doing veggies on the grill too, it really sweetens them up. Must try the taters – they look deelish. Cheers!

  • http://kwanzoo.com/social-trivia Liz

    UGH stop making me jealous that I don’t have a grill! I guess we could technically use the crappy park-style grills out in the backyard of our apartment buildings, but I’m scared to actually put food on them.

  • http://www.recipe4living.com Maxine

    Glad you liked the potatoes! They’re definitely a crowd pleaser. Sounds like you made a great meal for your family!

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