How to Make a Kick Ass Fruit Platter

As I mentioned yesterday, R and I had a large number of people over last weekend. And although I was by no means calm and composed, I think I handled feeding and entertaining 50 people quite well, if I do say so myself. I love entertaining friends and family, and really don’t mind putting the work into making a beautiful spread. If it wasn’t so darn expensive, I’d do it a whole lot more often!

Read after the jump for my 7 tips to make a kick ass fruit platter!

My mother has always loved to entertain (as does my grandmother), so from an early age I was taught to put pretty napkins in bread baskets, never serve food out of a store-bought container and how to make radish roses. You know, the important stuff. But seriously, a little bit of decorative kale on a homemade platter goes a long way.

One of my favorite platters to construct for parties is the fruit platter. There are so many gorgeous colors to work with and such fun things you can do with them! I’ve put together a little list for those of you who are fruit platter-challenged, or just want some new ideas to shake up your regular routine.

1. Think About Colors

Fruits naturally lend themselves to this. Just think about all your favorite fruits and the multitude of colors they come in. Choose fruits in a variety of colors and disperse them throughout the platter. There should be big blocks of color, with contrasting colors next to each other. Let the colors of the fruit be your palette and paint away!

2. Use All Parts of the Fruit – Even the Inedible Parts

Rinds, shells and stems can make some of the most interesting presentations. If you’re using a pineapple, chop off the top and use the leaves as a centerpiece. Or, hollow out the bottom of the pineapple – leaving all sides intact – and fill with berries or nuts (pictured above). For watermelon, you can hollow out the bottom and fill it with melon balls or other fruit. To get really creative, carve the watermelon to look like a basket with a hollowed out bottom and a “handle” on top.

3. Cut Fruit in Bite Sized Pieces

Melon balling can be a pain in the butt, but it looks so nice when all the fruit is roughly the same shape. If you don’t have the patience or aren’t using melons, make sure your fruits are cut in bite sized pieces. This makes it easy for guests to scoop up what they want without worrying about cutting.

4. Use a Platter with a Lip or Ridge

Fruit is juicy, which is why we love it, but it can also be very messy. Make sure you use a platter that has a tall enough lip to catch any escaping juices. This is especially important if you are transporting or carrying the platter – the last thing you want is watermelon juice dripping down your front! This also helps the fruit stay in place without sliding around.

5. Be Adventurous

We all have classic fruit staples that we come back to, but trying new fruits can liven up your palate and your fruit tray. For example, if you’ve never had starfruit, try adding it to the bunch – its unique shape and interesting texture will have people wanting more. Always try new things – you never know what you might love!

6. Be Seasonal

The best tasting fruits will be ones that are in season and properly ripened. In the summer go for melons, strawberries and other berries. In the fall try pear and apples, and in the winter feature lots of citrus. Every fruit has its own way of telling you if it’s ripe, so pay attention. If you’re grocery shopping ahead of time, take into account the days between buying and serving. Will it have enough time to ripen? Will it be overripe?

7. Be Creative

There are no rules with fruits trays, so let your imagination run wild! Get inspired by the fruits and their bursts of colors and let that guide your arrangement. Even using special fruit tools like a melon baller or a zig-zag fruit slicer can really jazz up a tray.

Think I’ve forgotten something important? Please share your fruit platter ideas and tips in the comment below!

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  • Hillary

    Wow! That is one seriously beautiful fruit platter. Nicely done! :)

  • Sarah B.

    This looks so good I am going to the grocery store during my lunch break and buying a bunch of fruit to snack on.

  • JEP

    Thanks for these amazing fruit platter tips! Nothing is more inviting than a delicious fresh fruit platter at a summer get together.

  • Brooke

    Love the headline! The platter is beautiful; I really like the idea of filling a hollow pineapple with other fruit. Thanks!

  • Dragon

    Perfection. :)

  • Marilyn @ Simmer Till Done

    Great tips, all of them! Every host should know how to throw together a good fruit platter – the cornerstone of many a brunch and buffet. What a helpful little blogger you are!

  • Liz

    That looks delicious! My only issue with the platter pictured is the asymmetry, no doubt an unfortunate result of a lack of kiwi. In these cases, of course, it’s important to remember that people devouring your fruit platter also makes it asymmetrical. Oh well.

  • Kevin

    That fruit platter looks so good!

  • Amy

    Hi Maxine
    These are a really good tips (you got the platter to prove it)! I bet many foodies would find them useful if they would find out about them. You could submit your tips to Chef’s Tip (

  • http://HowToMakeaKickAssFruitPlatter Salome Benjamain

    That fruit platter really looks enticing and inviting. I enjoy making fruit platters also, and I am big on colors, platters used to display fruits, and the fruit in season. My tip for making a good fruit platter is, always make an hour or two prior to your event, and keep refrigerated until ready to serve. I sometimes in the summer put my platters over top of a deeper tray with a little ice to keep crisp and fresh.

  • Runlikeh3ll

    This is great, thanks! And thanks for the smoothie recipes, I'm making a shopping list right now.

  • Flights to France

    Great Fruit Platter!! I’m crazy about fruits of different colors. I must prepare it. Thanks

  • Karen Lawler

    I love your fruit platters. Do you dip the fruit in anything to keep it from turning brown? Thanks so much karen

  • jja

    i would die to have that plus happy father day

  • Ashtray

    Mmmm fresh fruit salad, my favorite thing in the entire world. Bookmarked!

  • Colleen Fitzsimmons

    The fruit salad does look beautiful. I went to a dinner the other night and everyone had to bring something and the person who brought the homemade fruit platter got raves.

  • Elizeth

    Great looking fruit in those pictures! I’m mentally getting ready to prepare a few of those healthy platters with the upcoming holidays.

  • lockerz invite

    What about you add chocolate in the middle instead of blueberry?

    Fruits + Chocolat = Awesome!

    Thanks by the way!

  • M

    Beautiful fruit platter :)

  • Katie

    Is there a book just like this web site with fruit and veggie recipes and designs? i want to buy a book to give as gift. can you help me?

  • Weber Q Grill Cover

    Using the inedible parts of the fruit is the best tip – I would never have thought of it as part of a centerpiece.

    Thanks much!

  • John

    Looks ALOT like the Google Chrome web browser…

  • Edeth

    Now that looks refreshing! Perfect for my spring-time family gathering in two weeks.

  • Ellen Ambroziak

    What do you do to fruit to keep it from turning brown?

  • Sharon Gregory

    My husband and I are building a web site for our church and would like to use your fruitplatter picture on our health page. If it is ok please e-mail me with permission.


  • AK

    Its not only a meal.. but a work of art!


    AK (Attends)

  • Jeltina

    Thank God for the internet!!!
    The platters look great.Thank you!!

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  • Alice

    Thanks for the tips! When my mom hosts a get together she has a hard time asking for help and always assigns me what she thinks is the easy tasks. This time I was assigned the fruit platter and I can’t wait to impress with your tips!

  • http://yahoo ila.waters

    I am so excited about trying your ideas. I volunteered to make a fruit platter for an event and had no idea of how to make it look apealing! When I saw your pic I couldn’t believe how beautiful and colorful it was! And your pineapple centerpiece was awesome. Thanks so much for the ideas.

  • custom writing

    This looks so good I am going to the grocery store during my lunch break and buying a bunch of fruit to snack on.

  • Nancy

    Would like to incorporate cheese into the fruit platter for an event. I like the fruit choices on this platter. What kinds of cheese would compliment these fruits?

  • Ellen Ambroziak

    What do you do to keep apples and pears from turning brown?

  • Nancy

    You spray lemon juice over apples and pears to keep them from turning brown.

  • Taylor

    I just love you ideas!! I LOVE fruit and I LOVE makeing fruit trays.You have really openend up my eyes to new ides. Thank you!

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    wow.,, these are awesome. I love these fruits. It’s very Good.

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    Okay Great. Thanks you so much for letting us know bout on how to make a kick ass fruit platter.

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  • Janet

    Why is it necessary to use vulgar language to describe something (anything) to be enjoyed (used) by other people, and especially children? If you have to talk like that, keep it to yourself and/or your friends – don’t dirty up my e-mail.

  • Linda

    I’m providing fresh strawberries and fresh pineapple that will be used for a fruit plate at a graduation party for 150 to 200 people. Tell me how many how much fruit to purchase.

  • Sheree

    With my fruit platters I always use strawberries , watermelon , rock melon and grapes and I also use skittles :) as a dip I mix a vanilla fruche yogurt with a peppermint aero bar . The kids love it and surprisingly don’t eat all the skittles !

  • http://recipeforliving Katie

    What a lovely presentation and great tips too!
    I’ll be taking this to our family’s 4th of July gathering.
    I will add some candied walnuts for garnish and a bowl of plain yogurt mixed with brown sugar as a dip.

  • http://recipeforliving Katie

    I’d love to win a new mixer in “Pear”. Am I in the right place?

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    Wow can i bake that i really appreciate it. I want it so much. I want to put it in my recipe book

  • Monique

    I love fruit salads. In the past I only have used the watermelon rind as a bowl. But I have never used any other enedible parts. I am going to have fun this summer making creative fruit bowls for upcoming functions. Thank You

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