Food In The News: Weekly Roundup

New in meat: Rabbit? – A man’s gotta eat what a man’s gotta eat…but rabbit? (Washington Post)

Veganism goes mainstream – Philadelphia chef prepares grown up delicious vegan food in his restaurant. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Curiosity killed the…chemicals? – See real time results of chefs voting on whether they plan on experimenting with molecular gastronomy.

Food blogger recipe adaptation – Illegal or not? We all love to share recipes, so why is this Cooks Illustrated PR woman pissed? Poor Melissa from Alosha’s Kitchen.

Fatty fructose – Processed foods made with fructose syrup instead of sugar can actually make you fatter than regular sugar. Is this really new information?

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  • melissa

    Thank you for the post. And I love the weekly links, as usual!

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