Five Tasty and Healthy Food Finds

Today’s post comes to us from Brandi at Diets in Review. You may remember her from her previous post: Successful Weight Loss with Weight Watchers. Diets in Review helps you understand and debunk all those crazy diets and figure out what fits you best. We love how easy they make it!

Have you walked through the grocery store or local health market and gotten excited when you stumble on something that appears to be healthy and good for you? Then after trying it you’re rewarded with something that actually tastes great? We get the same feeling at, and we share those in our Food Finds series. It can be a struggle to find foods you like, that actually provide some nutritional value. These five Food Finds have made our grocery list, and will likely make yours, too.

Stacy’s Pita Chips

If you’re into crunchy, salty snacks- this is an ideal alternative to greasy potato chips. They are super crunchy, have several flavors like Sea Salt, Cinnamon Sugar and Parmesan Garlic. They accompany a sandwich very well, and just like chips, are perfect for your a dip or scooping chicken or tuna salads. 130 Calories, 5g Fat.

Kashi Granola Bars

Granola bars are usually a healthy treat. They are packed with fiber and can take the edge off a sweet tooth. There’s not much to be impressed by in most brands, many have partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors. Kashi Granola Bars don’t have any of that. You can pronounce every ingredient on that label- hard red winter wheat, long grain brown rice, red tart cherries and honey. They are the perfect sized snack and packed with healthy nutrients. 120 Calories, 2g Fat.

Honeysuckle White Italian Turkey Sausage

Ground beef and pork sausages are typical ingredients for your family’s pasta dishes. Did you know that one serving of pork has 234 Calories and 19g Fat, while beef has 125 Calories and 7g Fat. You should consider turkey sausage- especially this Italian Turkey Sausage from Honeysuckle. One serving has 100 Calories, 5g Fat and best of all, it tastes amazing. Possibly even better than its protein alternatives. Turkey is a lean and tasty protein that will absolutely make up in flavor what it lacks in fat and calories.

V8 Fusion Acai and Mixed Berry

Summertime often has us reaching for sweet juices to cool-off and hydrate. Most of those juices are filled with sugar- and that’s not helping anyone. If you must grab a glass of juice- grab the V8 Fusion. One glass is 100% juice with a full serving of fruits and vegetables. The Acai berries from Brazil are little antioxidant powerhouses- so you’re helping your body fend off all the toxins taken in from outside. 110 Calories, 0g Fat.


Have you rediscovered honey yet? It’s a natural sweetner that is actually far sweeter than the sugar in all of your syrups, juices and candies. While it has about 20 more calories than sugar, you need less because it goes much further. Honey is packaged in its natural state, unlike sugar, it hasn’t been stripped of all its nutritional qualities- which are extensive. Try topping pancakes or french toast with honey, use in a fruit salad instead of whipped cream or use it to sweeten summer marinades. 64 Calories, 0g Fat.

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  • Israel

    I personally think that juices are a waste. Drinking 100 or more calories in a juice is just not something I am in favor of.

  • Liz

    Liquid calories in the form of soda are definitely useless, but juice often has the same nutritional value of the fruit that it came from – and it’s no less filling than an orange or apple, in my experience. I’m all for juice!

  • Kevin

    I like using honey as a sweetener.

  • JEP

    I’m a big fan of Kashi Chewy Trail Mix granola bars & Savannah Bee Honey..especially the Tupelo.

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