Follow The Cow

It wouldn’t be a proper recounting of my Argentinean travels if I didn’t talk about the abundance of beef just one more time, or more importantly the style of eating Argentineans are most known for: tenedor libre. Translated as an “open or free fork”, this tradition has all-you-can-eat offerings that consist mostly of steak, I mean lots of different kinds of steak. It’s literally a meat buffet, but instead of cruising through plates of already prepared foods basking in heat lamps, dinner is hot off the grill, er, I mean…the asado.

Our tenedor libre restaurant of choice was: Siga La Vaca, which literally means “Follow the Cow.” It was our last meal in Argentina, and for a country so obsessed with cow, it was a fitting note to end on.

Even the door handles had cows on them…you can’t get any more adorable than that (Although it definitely felt a little odd to be admiring the cute cow doors only to go in them and inhale massive amounts of real cow.)

For a cool 43 pesos (only $14) for the lunch buffet, you had access to unlimited salad bar, dessert, drinks (wine, beer or water), fries, and of course…

MEAT! Pictured above is my friend’s “mixed grill” that she ordered, which let me tell you was a lot more efficient than me pretending to know what I want. When it was my turn, I panicked and asked for the only two things I could understand: bifo de chorizo (rump steak) and kabobs. It was overwhelming to come face to face with a grill covered in all sorts of unidentifiable pieces of meat (please refer to the picture above).

But the experience was definitely fun, and I savored every minute of it. With a bottle of wine and an abundance of steak, it wasn’t easy leaving Argentina. Thank you everyone for sharing in my journey!

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  • LIz

    Mmm, that looks delicious. It is weird to look at cute cartoon cows and then eat them, but my local aquarium had a seafood restaurant next door…that was even worse.

  • Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    Among the many things I know I’d love about Argentina (and it’s been on my list of places I want to visit for so long) is the beef. If ever I turn vegetarian, I will go to Argentina first!

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