The Hidden Gem of Buenos Aires

After our whirlwind weekend tour of Buenos Aires (full of tango dancing, street festivals, bus tours and shopping), we decided on Monday that we needed a day to relax. We slept in that morning and gave ourselves a lax agenda that consisted of only one destination: the Japanese Gardens. A cute little place to walk around, the gardens were nice but something tells me they are not the main attraction. At least for me, the highlight of this day trip was visiting the on-site restaurant:Jardin Japonais (Japanese Gardens).

Steak lover that I am, a girl needs a break every once in awhile from beef, and what could be a better change of pace than some fresh deeelicious sushi!

We ordered a round of miso soups and then decided to split the salmon special. Complete with fresh slices of salmon sashimi, salmon nigiri (my favorite1) and salmon maki rolls, this platter of fresh salmon was everything about sushi that I love. Clearly I’m a salmon lover, but I’m talking more about the quality of the fish. It’s not that I’ve never had sushi this good, but I can say that I’ve never had sushi that was better!

This restaurant was actually recommended by a friend who had visited Argentina a year prior, but located in the heart of the Japanese Gardens, it seems like a quiet location. And despite being close to the water, you wouldn’t ordinarily expect Buenos Aires, the city known for its beef, to have excellent sushi. Jardin Japonais was a very unexpected surprise, what seemed like a hidden gem, if you will.

And the most interesting part was that the sushi chefs were all Argentine. Here in Chicago, whenever I frequent a restaurant with reputable sushi, it’s always prepared by Japanese chefs. It’s not that I assume no one else can make sushi as well as the Japanese, but it was surprising that there wasn’t a single Japanese chef in the place and the sushi was that good.

So, let me add this to my list of recommended restaurants in Buenos Aires, as the list is certainly growing day by day. See previous posts on Argentina for other recommended restaurants.

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  • noble pig

    Wow who knew? In Buenos Aires? Beautiful.

  • Liz

    Wow, that looks gorgeous! When it comes to naturally attractive food, it doesn’t get much better than sushi.

  • Marie

    What an unexpected place to come across in Argentina! I love how food finds its way into different parts of the world, regardless of which country it originated from.

  • Ivonne

    Wow that looks so good, Hillary!

  • http://www.teczcape.blogspot tigerfish

    Looks like a nice platter and unexpectedly from Argentina.

  • Buenos Aires

    Oh, yummy! I am a devotee of sushi in all its variations. I bet you can eat them for a bargain in BA anyway, opposed to Japan.

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