Are You On Stumble Upon?

Well you should be! Stumble Upon is a GREAT way to discover new websites, videos, or even friends that all relate to your interests!

We now have a Stumble Upon profile (here’s a link to it!) and we checked that we’re interested in “food/cooking”. Now, Stumble Upon can show us who else is interested in food/cooking and what sites they have come across about food/cooking that they have liked. How cool is that?

But, we’d like it even better if we could be friends with all of you on Stumble Upon! That way you can see what food and cooking sites we think are cool, and vice versa. Sound good? Add us to your friends!

To register on Stumble Upon, click here.

If you want to find us on other sites, here are some of our other pages.

Twitter: Chew on That’s Twitter page
Facebook: Chew on That’s Facebook group

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  • Liz

    I love SU! I’ll friend you for sure. It’s a great way to get your blog around.

  • noble pig

    Stumble upon is cool isn’t it?

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