I’ve been meaning to write about this for awhile. One of the most awesome projects I’ve ever seen happens right here in Chicago. Punfully labelled “Canstruction”, this architectural project involves making life-sized art out of canned foods!

This picture above is a “bean”, a symbol for Chicago these days after the famous “bean” Milennium Park was built. The different colors seem to have been chosen to signify the skyline’s reflection in the real Chicago bean. How cool!

Teams of architects got together this past June for the second annual “Canstruction” event. After the projects are completed, all canned items are donated to food banks to help the hungry. It all kind of reminds me of this picture, but in my opinion, it’s even cooler!

More photos after the jump!

This is a collection of photos I was particularly impressed by. They’re not all from 2008, and they’re not all from Chicago either. Canstruction is, apparently, an annual event in other cities too! :) It’s amazing to see how much work went into all of these!

Hot dog and condiments…love the mustard drizzle!

Wonderful depiction of a summer picnic by Industrial Brand Creative.

A bowl of soup to end world hunger made by ImaginIT Technologies.

A Japanese meal of sushi and sake! Wow…

Looks delicious to me! :)

Find your own favorite photos of canstruction or participate in a project next summer!

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  • noble pig

    These are absolutely the coolest things ever! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Liz

    Wow, those are awesome and useful! I’m particularly impressed by the hotdog meal layout.

  • Kevin

    Those are pretty impressive!

  • Lisa

    Ireally enjoy’d looking at these photo’s. Some people really have great imaginations. Cool.

  • jean

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    Italian baked spaghetti recipe.
    Jean Jenner

  • Beverly

    What an awesome event! I really like the sundae canstruction!

  • dee

    Wow, these are awesome my favorite is the ant with the watermelon on his back…now off to my cabinet, i’m inspired to make my own lol.

  • Ashtray

    these are pretty awesome. One of my co-workers literally is addicted to energy drinks. He is building a fort around his cubicle. I will definitely take a pic and send it in when it’s complete.

  • ashtray

    great stuff dude

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