Red Summer Fruit Pudding

Despite all the moaning and groaning we do here about Chicago’s unpredictable climate,  I can actually say that summer seems to have come about right on cue.  With the official start to summer on Saturday, the temperatures have actually been warm, the pools have actually been open, and life around here feels…well, normal for a change.

So aside from Easy Fruit Popsicles, there’s something else I’ve been looking forward to: Summer Fruit Pudding. A mixture of fresh berries turned into a delicious bread pudding, I could almost melt (along with the popsicles!) just thinking about it.  After seeing this, there is no way I’d choose citrus over berries. But  I betcha you wanna see the recipe, huh?

Red Summer Fruit Pudding

This no-bake summer pudding not only looks stunning but it also tastes delightful!


1 lg. loaf white bread, thickly sliced with crusts removed
3 1/2 lb. washed summer fruit (strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, blackberries, and best of red currants)
1 C. sugar
lemon zest (unwaxed)


Prepare fruit by removing any bad berries, etc. Remove crusts from bread. Butter the inside of a 3-pt. pudding basin then line the basin with the bread slices – do not leave any gaps (overlap if necessary.) Press the edges together so the bread forms a complete mold inside the bowl. Reserve about 1/2 lb. raspberries for decoration at end.

Place remaining berries with sugar and lemon zest into saucepan. Bring the mixture to a gentle simmer until the sugar is dissolved and the fruits are releasing their juices – takes about 5 minutes – don’t overcook as you want the fruits to keep their shapes. Reserve about 3/4 C. of the juice, then cool and refrigerate. Pour the remainder of the fruit into the pudding basin – seal the top completely with slices of bread. Cover the bread with a flat plate/saucer that fits snugly inside the basin, then weigh down the plate with a 3-lb. weight (very heavy can or jar will do.)

Leave in fridge overnight, the weight will cause the juice to bleed through the bread, staining it red. Gently slide a flexible spatula between the bread and the basin to loosen. Invert the bowl onto a serving dish – it should slide easily into place.

Add a few drops of red coloring to the 3/4 C. set aside fruit juice, and use this to gently coat any areas that still have a white tinge – pour remainder of juice over entire pudding. Put the reserved rasperberries all around the bottom of the pudding. Serve with real whipped cream and a sprig of mint or vanilla ice cream (optional.)

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  • Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    Oooooh, the color … completely seductive. I love no-bake summer desserts; thanks for the recipe.

  • Liz

    Mmmmm…yeah, I really needed something to make me more hungry! This sounds delicious, but I can never make berries last long enough for a recipe…I always end up devouring them as a little pre-meal snack.

  • katie

    I LOVE Summer Pudding! I remember once running all over London in search of restaurants that served Summer Pudding!
    I’ve been addicted ever since!

  • Shoshana

    I guess this recipe really includes berries AND citrus (or does zest not count?)… back to the tough decision! :)

  • Addie

    Our elederly resident building is having a BBQ tomorrow afternoon. Everyone has been asked to bring a small something! Can you guess what I am going to bring. But I have the same problem as Liz. Maybe if I put the bag on the back seat instead of in the passenger seat of the car, the berries just might make it home. Made with a loaf of Brioche or Challah bread, topped with fresh sweetened whipped cream, oh my!!! Maybe I should buy an extra pint of berries to snack on while I am putting it together. But now I have another problem. Will the completed dish make it to the BBQ.

  • http://aol jana

    i have made this for many years. i use what ever fruit and berries that are in season at the time of year i make it. but, i also use the frozen fruits as well. use a sweet bread which go’s best with it.

  • Maggie

    I’ve always wanted to make a summer pudding. The red currants sound like a really good addition.

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