My New Obsession with Greek Yogurt

There’s been a lot of hype about Greek yogurt recently. What felt like overnight, new brands of fancy yogurts – both Greek and other types – started appearing in the refrigerator sections of grocery stores everywhere. First Fage, then Siggi’s Skyr, even Stonyfield got on the bandwagon with their tasty Oikos brand, and then about a dozen other varieties I don’t remember. I was a little overwhelmed and admittedly apathetic to the whole trend. My feelings for yogurt are pretty hot and cold. I tend to go through phases when the standard “fruit on the bottom” cups are my mid-morning snack, but then I get sick of them and the texture makes me gag.

I was never huge on yogurt at all until I spent a semester in London and found the Biopot: the smoothest, creamiest, most delicious yogurt with real chunks of fruit in flavors like Mango, Papaya and Passionfruit, and Summer Berries. I ate it every morning with shredded wheat and sometimes by itself for dessert. I cannot describe how much I miss it. (Has anyone ever seen this in the US??? I’ve searched to no avail!)

It was through the glorious Biopot that I realized my fondness for the creamier European style of yogurt over the gelatinous globs of yogurt found in the States. And when I first tried Greek yogurt, I expected it to be a similar consistency. Imagine my surprise when my small cup of yogurt was thick, velvety and full!

I was hooked immediately.

I really enjoy Trader Joe’s Non-Fat Greek Yogurt with Honey. It’s not very sweet, but it’s totally satisfying and especially great with some granola in the morning. And since I discovered this new (and affordable!) yogurt, I’ve been trying to add it into some recipes as well. The other night, we had barbecued some chicken wings and grilled asparagus, so by the end of the meal we wanted something sweet, but light. I had splurged at the grocery store earlier and bought a container of plain Fage yogurt and I knew just how to use it!

A few scoops of yogurt, a healthy drizzle of honey and some chopped strawberries on top and we were licking our bowls within minutes. So satisfying and such a healthy alternative to ice cream! Most Greek yogurts come in various fat/non-fat/some fat portions, so you can choose based on your own diet. All I can tell you is I plan to repeat this with every summer fruit available: blueberries, peaches, nectarines, blackberries… the possibilities are endless!

I guess some trends are worth all the hype. How do you feel about Greek yogurt? Are you as obsessed as I am?

Greek Yogurt Dessert with Honey and Strawberries


1 small container plain non-fat Greek yogurt
12 strawberries, washed and roughly chopped


Put a few large spoonfuls of yogurt into 4 small glasses or ice cream bowls. Drizzle each with about 1 Tbs. honey. Add strawberries on top.

- Add toasted chopped nuts
- Layer ingredients like a parfait for a pretty presentation
- Use any fresh fruit

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  • Kevin

    I found some Greek yogurt once and really liked it! It is too bad that I have not found it since. Straining regular yogurt is the best I can do most of the time. I enjoyed having it with walnuts and honey.

  • Pete

    have you tried the Oikos Greek? It’s MY new obsession. So thick and creamy yet it doesn’t have any fat… and it’s loaded with protein too and it’s organic to boot!

    I get it at my local Whole Paycheck (I mean… Whole Foods…) but a friend of mine can find it at their local Wal-Mart….

  • Scarlett Swerdlow

    Greek yogurt is great. I too am an overall yogurt enthusiast. Thick, tangy yogurt is my preference.

    My husband bought a book all about yogurt for me recently. It’s titled The Book of Yogurt. It’s got a ton of recipes; you should check it out.

    You may also want to check out my yogurt blog:

  • Skythe

    I confess I was skeptical . . . but I just had Fage yogurt with honey and it was fantastic!

  • Syrie

    Yum. Great looking snack. I too love Greek yogurt. It’s so versatile.

  • Rebecca Lindamood

    Ooooh… The fage yogurt is a staple around this house (even though we feed 7 mouths a meal.) We use it for tsatsiki, frozen mint chocolate chip yogurt and the kid pleasing favorites- dill dip and taco dip.

    It actually goes quite a long way and is worth the price tag. …And yes. I am as obsessed as you are!

  • Lulu Barbarian

    Greek-style yogurt truly is different. I’m especially impressed by how good even the reduced-fat versions of Fage are. OTOH, like Kevin, I’ve often strained my own, and as long as you start out with a good quality yogurt (e.g., Brown Cow) you can make a pretty darned good DIY version.

  • True Diet Reviews

    I read about Greek yogurt in Men’s Fitness magazine, and tried it. I haven’t went back to regular yogurt since.

  • Esi

    I was going to do mine with strawberries and then decided to go with peaches. Hopefully the thing I decide to do with my strawberries will be half as yummy!

  • Hercules Costume

    I live in New Zealand where we have a very big dairy industry – as such its sometimes hard to find yoghurt from other countries. I would love to try this greek yoghurt however, it sounds great!

  • Daniel

    I somehow missed the hype when Greek yogurt became popular but seemed to tripped across it on my own. While at the store a few weeks ago I picked up a container of Fage, just to try something different for my quick breakfast at work. I tried my first serving plain and oh wow. The next morning I thought since I had a jar of honey in my desk I’d throw a tablespoon in and see what happens. Mmmmmm, I am definitely hooked. I haven’t been able to stand the “American” version for several years. HFCS and all that junk.

  • Mafia Costumes

    I dont know much about greek yogurt but I do know that the images of the strawberry’s in yogurt are very enticing and actually look pretty healthy too! I know the Greeks have good lemons so maybe the lemon flavored yogurt would be worth a try…

  • Nancilou

    I buy the vailla cake at
    trader Joe’s made with that special vanilla and bourbob. Just when it’s cool enough to serve, I add a healthy dollop of honey greek style yogut and serve. Even my most finiky dessert friends LOVE it.

  • Linda-rd

    Greek yoghurt is also best as a substitute for baking soda in pastries.And oh, with the whip above it too!

  • Keith

    I’ve found myself making my own Greek Yogurt at home. It may be a long process but when all is said and done I’ve spent $8 on 3 quarts of the stuff. You’d be surprised at just how easy it is. And nothing is more satisfying than licking the spoon clean with something you made. I strongly recommend checking out some recipes and trying it yourself. You’ll find yourself experimenting with the recipe until you’ve perfected it to your liking.

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